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Skills Required to Be a Game Designer

Video game designing is the career of choice for many young professionals these days. Read on to know more about the various job aspects in this field.
Swapnil Srivastava
The demand for video game designers has grown drastically in the past few years. There are various video game design schools, which are equipped with the latest technology and software and help the students to acquire the necessary skills for this job.
The video game designing industry is growing at a fast pace, however, proper education is necessary to work as a designer. The salary packages which are very attractive for experienced candidates, usually depend on the type of designing one does.
A common misconception amongst people is that a computer science degree is necessary to make a career in the field of video game designing. A creative mind with cognizance of computer graphics is more important than learning various programming languages. It helps the designer to draw out the characters and the world they inhabit.


To make a career in game design, it is essential for a person to be highly creative. This broadens the scope of designing, and as everyone is looking out for something new, it helps to attract more customers. Repeating the old and successful ideas doesn't help the designer because the tried-and-tested theory is not applicable in this field.

Interest in Video Games

It is very important for a video game designer to have interest in his field. This field, like all other creative ones, requires a lot of dedication and focus. A person cannot give his 100% to a creative job unless he puts his heart and soul in it. Only then he can design games which are liked by the general public. He should also be into playing games of all brands, looking out for loopholes in them. This helps the designers to improve their own games.

Excellent Problem Solving Skills

Besides creativity, technical knowledge and aptitude of a person also plays a vital role in the field of game designing. It is important to understand the complexities of the computer algorithms, in order to provide the customers a better gaming experience.
All the games are developed using various programming languages, and therefore besides the animations, the logic part is also very important. It is possible for a designer to create a game occupying lesser memory space as compared to another one with similar features. It all depends on the kind of logic used by the designer and his problem solving skills.

A Good Understanding of the Market

A designer can create successful and profitable games only if he understands the market well. For the initial research, he can carry out a survey on a small-scale or advise his company to do so. In order to avoid the repetition of mistakes, it is also important to get the general public feedback after it hits the stores.
The jobs related to video game designing are often lucrative. However, there are a lot of social and managerial dimensions to it. The employees are supposed to come up with new creative ideas and follow the deadlines. They are also responsible for the success or failure of the game. Creativity, communication, and dedication are the three most important qualities that make a successful designer.