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Senior Project Manager Job Description

Here is the job description of a senior project manager.
Sujata Iyer
Every employee's dream is to reach upper levels of management. They wish to be the ones delegating the work, rather than taking orders. It may take a while to successfully and carefully climb the corporate ladder. But, that does not mean it's impossible. Keeping the politics within an organization aside, there are always opportunities that come your way.
If you're looking at a possible promotion to a senior project manager position, then you need to have some idea of all the work that it entails. And though the specifics are something that may differ from organization to organization, the basic responsibilities are more or less similar.

General Requirements

Let us first see what skills you need to develop in order to make yourself eligible for the position.
  • The main criteria for the position of a senior project manager is the educational qualifications that are required by that particular organization. True that a Master's degree in Business Administration is usually what they require, but sometimes, even industry-specific educational qualifications may be required.
  • Secondly, experience in the same or a related field is definitely a must. No organization is going to take the risk of hiring someone for such an important profile if he or she has no experience in the same field. It will be a waste of time and resources of the organization.
  • Another thing that the person applying for the position should possess is exceptional people skills. These involve leadership, communication, honesty, loyalty, decision making, and also a firmness in conduct.
Though these requirements may be different for different organizations, they are the basic skills that one needs to possess before applying for the position.

General Job Description

This is just an outline of the generic roles of a project manager.
  • He is in charge of the overall planning and functioning of the various tasks of a project.
  • It is his duty to make sure that only the best candidates are hired for the project. If the selection of candidates is not up to the mark, the project will suffer, resulting in waste of time and resources of the company.
  • He defines the requirements of the project and makes sure that they are all met.
  • After acquiring the resources for the project, he assigns the different tasks to able and properly qualified candidates.
  • Once the different duties are assigned, he is also expected to supervise the activities and functioning of the different tasks within the project.
  • Apart from supervising, he is also responsible for the regular performance evaluation of the people working on the project. Along with evaluation, he or she is also responsible for giving appropriate feedback about their performance to the team members.
  • He is also responsible for the smooth functioning, conduct, discipline, deadlines, etc.
  • He is the liaison between the workers and the ultimate client.
  • He is also the person who is sought out in case of any problems or issues. He is expected to solve them by taking appropriate decisions.
  • No major decisions are taken without his consent and approval.
The position of a senior project manager involves a lot of challenges and responsibilities. To do full justice to this position, one needs to put in lot of hard work and dedication. So give it your best shot, to accomplish your project goals successfully!