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Security Officer Jobs

Charlie S
If you are looking forward to work a s security officer, read on for an authentic information about the different types of security jobs, the facets it encompasses and the basic requirements.
The need for well-trained and capable security officers is rising with every passing day. This is mainly due to the increase in crime rate over the past few years.
Generally, these jobs are given to professional security personnel trained from a reputed institute. The salaries for security officers are also believed to improve due to the growing demand for these professionals. Here is an information about different types of security officer jobs.

Types of Security Officer

Armed Security Officer

The job involves protection of very important persons (VIP's). Generally, armed security guards go with these people wherever they go and protect them from possible dangers to their life by taking necessary steps to make sure safety of their clients. In case of personal security, there is a chief security officer who supervises and guides junior officers.

Transport Security Officer

Transport security officers work for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Their job involves providing security services at commercial airports. They have to check the baggage of passengers.
They also have to make sure that no unauthorized person enters the airport premises and also make sure the smooth functioning of the security procedures in an airport. They check the entry and exit areas of the airport. They can expect to earn anything between US$ 29,380 and US$ 44,870 per year.

Information Security Officer

The stories of how data was stolen by some people from the company servers and databases are doing rounds. Such theft of vital information is harmful for the short-term and long-term interests of the organization. So, the Information Security Officers are recruited to keep a tab on such malpractices.
Apart from maintaining high security standards in his own organization, he also helps chief information officers of the clients with the same. These officers can earn around US$ 89,830 per year after gaining enough experience.

Facility Security Officer

A facility security officer provides protection to places such as museums, discotheques or pubs. Their challenge is to protect the property of the place and ensure the security of the people inside the facility.
The officer may be required to protect that facility not only from theft but other dangers and miscreants as well. They also have to intervene and resolve conflicts and fights at places such as discotheques, if they find that the situation is going out of control. They can earn around US$ 35,060 - US$ 93,490 per year.

Hospital Security Officer

The hospital security officers are also considered to be prestigious and high paying. He has to look after the safety of the patients and hospital staff. He checks the people entering the hospital campus for possession of any dangerous things which can cause any kind of physical harm to people.
The development of technology such as CCTV cameras has helped security officers render their duties more efficiently.
Security officers need intense training and it would be beneficial if you have a graduate or postgraduate degree to get the best jobs in the industry. Many private companies recruit ex-army personnel for these jobs due to their experience in the field.
Good communication skills, interpersonal skills, physical strength, decision-making abilities, clear knowledge of their duties, presence of mind and logical thinking are the qualities which one must possess to succeed as a security officer.
Remember, security jobs can pay you well, but only if you successfully maintain the security!