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Job Descriptions of Various Security Officers

Stephen Rampur
The following story provides information regarding the job descriptions of different types of security officers. Their work depends on the type of facility where they are working.
Due to an increase in the crime rate because of material robbery and data theft, there certainly is a need for undertaking effective security measures. Security officers provide their services in a wide range of facilities, such as public places, private bungalows, government officers, private business facilities, entertainment settings, etc. Accordingly, their duties are typically determined as per where they are working.


Facility Security Officer

These are experts who are responsible for guarding places, which people commonly visit; such as discotheques, office premises, museums, and public seminars, conventions, etc. Along with the security of people, they also make sure there is no damage to the employer's property. Their per annum pay is around USD 45,000.

Chief Security Officer (CSO)

He is one of the members in the top management of the company. His main job is to make sure the company is free from data and property theft. This usually involves initiating security policies, and implementing them in the daily schedule of the organization.
Managing some of the primary tasks is considered a major responsibility of the CSO. He oversees the work of data or network security executives. This IT occupation can draw a yearly salary anywhere from USD 73,000 to USD 134,500.

Transportation Security Officer

This officials are members of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), which is controlled by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. They are responsible for security in commercial airports, which involves duties such as checking travel baggage after passing through the scanning machines, and examining travelers using handheld wands.
It has been reported that these airport security officers earn a median per year salary of approximately USD 63,000.

Hospital Security Officer

This officer looks after the protection and safety at public hospitals and private medical facilities. They have to check for any illicit activities that can be carried out in hospitals.
They also have to handle many situations like handling the relatives of the patients getting aggressive with nurses and doctors, at times. They even control the hidden security camera systems for checking any doubtful activities in the medical setting.

Bank Security Officer

These professionals make sure that the banking operations in financial institutions are carried out smoothly. They have to keep a close eye on every customer with the intention of preventing fraudulent activities. Typically, they carry guns and other equipment in order to prevent any theft. Professionals working in this occupation may earn somewhere around USD 89,000 on an average.
Note that the salary range differs widely according to the post, depending on whether he is a hospital security guard, or a chief security officer in a large multinational company.