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Security Guard Duties

Charlie S
The job of a security guard may be rather stressful and demanding. Here is some useful information about the various duties and responsibilities of a security guard.
The job of a security guard is definitely one of the most important ones in various organizations. It has always been very tough and demanding. Their duties are many and hence they have to be well-trained to render them with perfection.
Though the responsibilities may differ from organization to organization, all guards have to be physically fit and attentive to protect the premises and people where they work. Considering the importance of proper security, these professionals are hired at very good salaries. Security jobs are believed to be unaffected by recession.

Important Duties

  • Security guards working in private organizations have to keep a tab on the people entering and leaving the building.
  • Most guards maintain a book which contains the time at which a person entered the building and also the time when he left the office premises. The name of the person is also mentioned in this book.
  • They have the vital responsibility of protecting the office property and important documents. The safety of people working in the building depends on them.
  • Most security officers are trained in using guns from the training institute where they complete their basic course in security management.
  • They also check each and every person before entering the building for possession for arms or any other dangerous weapon with the help of metal detectors. They are well-trained in the use of these metal detectors. While some are armed, others are unarmed and this largely depends on the needs of their employer.
  • Guards working for educational institutions such as schools and colleges have to be extra careful when it comes to conducting security checks. They may make some rules and regulations at these places for the safety of students.
  • The development of technology has made the work easier. At many places, senior guards monitor their place of work with the help of CCTV cameras installed at the right locations. They immediately take action when they find something unusual happening.
  • Security officials at places such as banks is much more important as they have the challenge of protecting the money of the common public.
  • When recruited for protection of very important persons (VIPs), they have to be always on their toes to detect any danger to the life of their employer.


Physical fitness is the most important criteria for the recruitment of security guards. If he is not fit physically and mentally, he will be of no use for his employers. These guards need to have good communication skills, interpersonal skills, multi-tasking abilities, presence of mind, ability to work hard for long hours, and politeness.
Generally, large corporations prefer to recruit experienced guards rather than the new ones. In order to get placed in a top-notch company, you should not have a criminal record as this can end your chances of getting hired. Satisfying these requirements can certainly guarantee you a good job in this industry.
As per various salary surveys, security guards earn a salary of around USD 18,700 to USD 40,500 per year. Senior and experienced guards may command a much higher salary. Apart from the salary, guards do get attractive perks, incentives, and bonuses as per their performance and consistency.