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Secret Service Salary

Stephen Rampur
A job in the federal government is certainly a lucrative and honorable one. Here, we have presented the salary range for one of the federal agencies, the United States Secret Service.
The government of every country has some teams assigned to particular responsibilities which relate to the security and protection of the country and its citizens. One such agency is the Secret Service which works as a federal law enforcement agency in the US.
It's a specialized operating arm of the Department of Homeland Security. Its members are divided as- Special Agents and the Uniformed Division.
Being federal government jobs, these careers are greatly respected by the public. Those employed in the Secret Service have two primary responsibilities namely prevention of financial fraud and counterfeiting of US currency, and protecting past and current national leaders, government officials, and their families.
Essential requirements for becoming a secret service agent are being above 21 and less than 37 years of age, bachelor's degree in relevant fields, valid driver's license, passing a written exam and other investigative tests and rigorous training. Jobs available are special agents, uniformed division officers and other administrative and technical positions.

Salary Range

Considering the education, the special agents are hired either at GL-7 or GL-9 levels. The pay starts at about USD 105,000 and goes up to USD 142,000 per year, depending on work location and grades. An additional 25% Law Enforcement Availability Pay (LEAP) is added to the basic pay, after which the agent has to work 2 hours extra than standard working hours.
Uniformed division officers in the department are employed at the LE-1 level. The starting pay per annum is around USD 60,000 and can go up to USD 104,000. High ranking officials such as sergeants, lieutenants and captains can earn upto USD 120,000, USD 131,000 and USD 144,000 respectively. Salary of a deputy chief can be as high as USD 164,000 per annum.
Those employed in the law enforcement sector receive a higher pay than those working in executive protection services/security. The average income here is about USD 76,000 per annum. The pay starts around USD 14,000 and may go up to USD 170,000 per annum.
Remember that there are many administrative and technical jobs in the department, which is why the pay scale may vary drastically. For example, a criminal investigator can earn USD 101,027 per annum on an average. To get more information, it is suggested to visit the agency's website. It also consists of job openings and salary details for the posts vacant.
Along with the basic allowance, these personnel are also eligible for additional benefits such as Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB), Federal Employees Group Life Insurance (FEGLI), Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program (FLTCIP), etc. These jobs certainly are associated with good remuneration and most importantly, pride of serving the nation.