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Seasonal Jobs for College Students

Neha Joshi
There are so many seasonal jobs for college students today that anyone can get hired in the summer/winter vacations, if they really want to. However, it's not just about finding a job but also getting paid for it well, isn't it? Read on to find out more about seasonal jobs and their payments!
Seasonal jobs, whether we like it or not, are usually meant for the college students. Of course, there are reasons, one being that seasonal jobs are usually available in vacations, when every student is looking for a summer/winter job; and second, older individuals would rather prefer a stable, yearlong job for the income to keep coming in, always!
Some of the seasonal jobs for students can also be taken up by kids, provided they are above working age. These winter and summer jobs for students don't only help the students earn some funds but also provide them with the much-needed experience.
There is a lot you need to think about before you take up a job and make sure you do this thinking right. Always try to find a job that is relevant to the career you want to pursue. If not, at least look for one that would pay you really well. Too much of compromising doesn't help, so make sure you get something good in return, something that is worth it.

Interesting Seasonal Jobs for College Students

Travel Buddies

Tourism is one industry that really booms in the holidays, isn't it? It provides few of the best holiday jobs for college students. All the traveling companies will come up with various travel discounts, packages and tours for sure. If you like traveling and seeing new places is one of your hobbies, this might just be the job for you.
Companies often hire people to travel with the tours they arrange. These people are meant to entertain the people on the tour and also do the job of a guide.
You don't have to visit a particular place to know about it, you can do so just by studying about it. This job will pay you in money and in kind. You will get to roam a few places and you get a free trip. What more could you ask for?

Camp Instructors

Camps are arranged solely in the vacations as that is when school children can attend them. However, with the growing trends of the travel industry, nowadays you will see camps arranged in winter too, in big proportion.
Being a camp instructor isn't a year round job and thus very few people take it up! Eventually, this job lands up with the young students who are anyway looking for jobs in the vacations. If you think this might interest you, you can search for good camps in your city and check with them for jobs.

Jobs on Cruises

Cruises are a summer thing, aren't they? Have you ever thought how many jobs are there on a cruise? Plenty! You have jobs in the kitchen, in management, in administration, in tourism and also entertainment.
If you qualify for any of these sectors, check for the cruises this summer and apply to all the jobs possible that you like. A few friends who had a band of their own got hired to entertain guests at a cruise to the Caribbean. They earned alright, really good for college students. Bulk hiring increases the chances of getting hired, so check out for those.

Some Adventure

National parks and adventure parks have a lot of visitors during vacations and this makes it essential for them to hire more people as season comes nearby. Again, the jobs here would resemble those on cruises, but these would ensure you return home every night.
You can work at the adventure sports section, the water sports section, as a lifeguard, at the food mall or as a manager, even if you qualify for one of course.
One thing these jobs would ensure is fun, that too unlimited. National parks on the other hand would require volunteers to show visitors around. Find out names of both near your city and contact them for jobs in time.
Now that you know these seasonal jobs for college students, you can surely think of taking one up this vacation or the next. Not many people take up seasonal jobs and this fact increases your chances of landing up with one of these jobs.
If you start finding in time, you might just get a job that exceeds your expectations for sure. Jobs at festivals around the world and as cameo actors are two other options for you to consider. Hope you find something of your liking. Best of Luck!