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School Secretary Job Description

A secretary plays an important role in any organization, and schools are no exception to this.
Rahul Pandita
In this story, we will know about the duties and responsibilities of a school secretary, apart from helping you with some information on their educational requirements and average salary.
A school, like every other institution, needs an individual who can look after the administrative and clerical tasks. Although, a principal is the appointed head of a school, with a responsibility to look after all the matters pertaining to its employees and students, he needs someone to assist him to ensure that the institution functions smoothly.
This is where the school secretary steps in. Apart from being an assistant to the principal, a school secretary is in-charge of the various important administrative departments and plays a pivotal role in looking after the affairs of the school.
We will take a look at the job description of a school secretary, but before that let us take a look at the educational qualifications and the skills required to apply for this position.

Requirements to Become a School Secretary

An individual who wants to apply for the position of a school secretary should essentially have a bachelor's degree from any accredited institution. A degree in administration is preferred, and computer proficiency is a must. Having a relevant certification course in school management also enhances the prospects of getting selected. 
As far as the skills are concerned, a school secretary should be punctual and trustworthy. He has to be exemplary in his behavior as one of the leading figures in the school.
The job role of a school secretary demands him to work closely with parents and students, so it is important that he conducts himself pleasantly. A school secretary may have to follow a rigid routine for a long period of time, so it is essential that he keeps himself motivated to carry out the tasks.
There are times when the school secretary may come across confidential information, and he has to ensure that he deals with the situation with utmost carefulness. The school secretary should be conversant with the rules and regulations of the school and has to work to his best ability to ensure that these are followed.

Responsibilities of a School Secretary

  • The school secretary is responsible for maintaining the daily attendance system, so that the attendance record of the students can be tracked. This data is extremely important for teachers for looking into instances of habitual absenteeism. 
Apart from helping in the maintenance of attendance records, the school secretary is also responsible for maintaining records of incidents, accidents, school budgets, student body funds etc.
  • One of the vital aspects of the job role of a school secretary is to keep a track of the capital that flows in and out of the institution. Schools, usually get huge amounts as charities, and it is the duty of the secretary to ensure that these funds are not misappropriated.
  • Last but not the least, the school secretary has to act as a point of contact for people who have vested interests in the institution. This includes parents, general public and organizations that fund the institution. 
The school secretary also has to act as a mediator in situations where a dispute arises due to an ambiguity between parents-teachers or teachers-administration.
  • Apart from the administrative responsibilities mentioned above, the job role of a school secretary also requires him to act as an assistant to the principal. This includes representing the school at various events, and briefing the principal on the recommendations and the decisions that might have come up during those meetings. 
The school secretary also has to type out letters, invitations etc. on the behalf of the principal, and send them out to the concerned individuals or organizations.
As we can see from the duties and responsibilities mentioned above, a school secretary plays a very important role in the smooth running of an institution. The average salary of a school secretary is in the range of $28,000 to $39,000.
Besides, the school secretary is also entitled to various perks and bonuses. So, if you are looking forward to a career as a school secretary, you can rest assured that there will be enough growth opportunities for you in this field.