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Sample Interview Questions to Ask During a Job Interview

Stephen Rampur
If one is new in the corporate world, he should be aware of the questions that he would be asked in his job interview, and importantly, should also know the questions that he can and should ask the interviewer. Here are some questions to ask during a job interview.
Corporate interviews are a very common scenario nowadays, as more and more employees are frequently changing their jobs. But if one is a fresher in the business world, he needs to have significant knowledge about various interview questions and answers, which he'll have to respond to and ask.
He has to be very careful while answering these questions, and also while asking doubts to the interviewer. There is no time limit for a job interview. If the interviewer finds you to be interesting to talk and question, he may extend the time to even an hour.

Questions by Interviewer to Candidate

Tell me something about yourself.

This is the most common one that is asked in a majority of interviews. It may be exclusively asked just to check the candidates verbal communications skills, especially for call center jobs.

Why are you interested in working with this company?

This can turn out to be a tricky question, as it would make the candidate think about the strong points of the company, which he may not have thought upon earlier. A candidate is required to study more about the organization, which he is applying to, before the job interview.

Tell me about your educational qualifications.

This question may be asked to check if the candidate is really focused on his educational and career goals. There are some cases wherein a candidate is from the commerce field, and he is applying for the position in the mechanical field.

Why have you chosen this specific field?

This question also assesses the candidates level of focus on his corporate ambitions. The candidate may answer cleverly that he needed a career change, and hence, he chose this particular field.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

After getting an answer to this question, the interviewer can determine what the candidate is strong in. He may also refer to the candidate's previous experiences for getting an answer to this question.

Where do you see yourself four years from now?

This question may be asked to determine the candidates level of commitment towards his career goals. However, while answering this question, the candidate should not make the interviewer feel that he is just looking forward to change jobs, and get to a better position in another company.

Tell me more about your job responsibilities in your past assignments?

The interviewer may ask this question to judge if the information mentioned in the candidates resume is genuine. He may ask about some technical terms in the resume to get an idea of genuineness. The candidate is supposed to study his resume before facing an interview.

Do you have any questions or doubts for me?

This is considered to be the end of the interview, and it's better if the candidate asks some doubts if any. The candidate can clear his doubts on any questions, which were asked earlier, and also ask some of the questions mentioned further to the interviewer for clarifications.

Questions by Candidate to Interviewer

What are the duties and responsibilities of this position?

If this question is asked by the candidate, the interviewer will certainly be ensured that the candidate is really interested in the profile.

Why is this position vacant?

This question can be answered by the interviewer depending on the situation. He may tell the real reason of someone leaving the job, or just a commencement of a new process which requires this position.

What are the firm's short-range and long-range goals?

This question is a strong plus point to your chances of passing the interview, as you would show your interests in the company's goals and objectives.

What are the key challenges or problems of this position?

This question can be asked if you need a clearer understanding of the job profile, and how the everyday job will be.

What major aspects of this role would you prefer to see executed better?

A question like this will make the interviewer feel that you are really keen on knowing the major responsibilities. This may lead to an informative discussion for the candidate.

What is the working environment like?

If you ask this question, the interviewer may think that you are truly interested to work. While answering this, he may even make up his mind to select you for the job.
These were some sample interview questions. However, there are many more employer-candidate questions that can be asked during an interview, which may depend on the position and the field of work in question.