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Sales Manager Responsibilities

Stephen Rampur
A sales manager has a plethora of duties ranging from maintaining the inventory, mentoring the sales executives so as to meet the targets, to preparing sales and marketing strategies for the company. Let's take a look at some of the responsibilities of a sales manager.
In every manufacturing company, profit-making is one of the most significant goals. And to drive the company towards profits, the company largely depends on sales development and business generation.
Typically, there is a separate department altogether for running the sales and marketing processes of a company. To manage these processes, there is a professional appointed known as a sales manager. He is an expert in handling and managing the sales development processes of a company.

Job Profile

The responsibilities are mostly set according to the employment setting. However, there are some generic responsibilities that are to be carried out, no matter what the type of company or employment setting is.

Sales Resource Management

One important responsibility is to recruit well-qualified resources for contributing to the company's sales development. He works with the HR manager to arrange and conduct interviews to recruit efficient sales workforce.

Sales Training To Subordinates

After recruitment, he again works with HR department to conduct training sessions for the newly recruited sales executives. He imparts sales training sessions to sales professionals regarding how the company business can be improved.

Managing Sales Executives

A sales manager has to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of his team members for the purpose of assigning tasks to sales and marketing executives.
He has to handle all administrative issues of his team members. He is also supposed to keep a record of the employee productivity of his team members.

Preparing Sales Policies and Marketing Strategies

He has to consult with the top management of the company and the sales director, and draft sales policies and marketing strategies for approval from the management.
After the strategies have been finalized, he has to explain them to the team members. Guiding sales executives and planning ways to go according to the sales strategies is also a very important responsibility of a sales manager.

Handling Important Sales Deals

If there are deals which can get the company a substantial amount of business and profits; the company may require the sales manager to travel places, discuss with such clients, and attract more business.
In such situations, the sales manager has to show off his full potential for finalizing the contract with the client. He also manages crucial aspects of the advertising and marketing processes.

Team Management

Maintaining good teamwork spirit in the sales team is a crucial part of the job. He has to motivate the team to give their best and be true resources for the company. He addresses the difficulties faced by the executives in achieving their targets.

Salary Range

The field of sales management pays according to the duties performed and the number of sales deals carried out successfully. One attains the a sales manager's position only after a considerable years of experience. But, a well qualified person can be directly hired at managerial position.

Salary by Experience

  • An entry-level position for this designation may fetch USD 29,000 to USD 81,000.
  • An experience of 5 years may fetch USD 36,000 to USD 102,000.
  • An experience of 10 years qualifies for a salary range of USD 37,000 to USD 122,000.
  • More than 10 years of experience may pay around USD 48,000 or more than USD 143,000.

Salary by State

  • States like New York, Pennsylvania, California, and Connecticut pay between USD 39,800 and USD 118,848.
  • Hawaii, Alaska, Idaho, etc., pay between USD 50,000 to USD 55,000.
The job of a sales manager can get pretty tough and hectic. Note that the mentioned salaries are approximate ranges and may change with financial conditions.