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Sales Engineer Job Description

Kundan Pandey

Handling a mixed profile of technical and marketing knowledge, sales engineers are professionals in great demand these days. Read on to find out more about them.
Generally engineering students, IT engineers, mechanical engineers, and electrical and computer engineers are cut off from the world of marketing as majority of them are involved in developing software and product development work.
However, if you have strong technical skills and at the same time a creative mind for marketing, then even being an engineering graduate, you can opt for a career opportunity where you can put to use both your technical and marketing skills.
The sales engineer job description includes various facets of marketing fundamentals and knowledge in the technical domain.

Job Description

The job description of these professionals include working for technology companies as sales representatives of technical products. They have extensive knowledge about technology, and fusing their technical expertise with their marketing skills, sales engineers manage to sell various technological products to potential clients.
The job involves providing solutions to technical queries of clients, marketing the product, attending trade shows, conferences and seminars on selling technical products. Another facet of the job of a sales engineer is to work in tandem with product improvement teams to analyze the success of products and eliminate its limitations.
Extensive traveling and frequent meetings with clients is an integral part of their job duties.

Skills Required

Excellent communication skills, technical knowledge, and convincing skills form the most important part of this job. Without an extensive and in-depth knowledge about the technicalities of a product, sales engineers can never succeed in convincing clients. Persuasion skills are also a must in this profession to convince potential clients effectively.
To enhance product quality, they act as an interface between the technical, marketing teams, and customer requirement. They communicate the expectations of the clients and customers to product designing teams, so that products can be molded in a way that impresses the customers.

Educational Qualifications

Generally, firms require a degree in business-related subjects or an engineering degree, for the post of a sales engineer. Since this profession demands both technical and marketing skills, most firms prefer candidates with mixed profiles. However, since this position is concerned with technical sales, engineering knowledge is undoubtedly mandatory.
Generally, they work as practicing engineers for a year or two, and then they get a diploma or a degree in marketing or business-related courses. Many firms prefer to train candidates with marketing skills, so that they can face challenges that are encountered while selling technical products.
Regular updates about latest technical advancements and business trends help them to ensure that the products they sell are not obsolete in the market.


Owing to their extensive travel schedule, they are awarded traveling allowances and other expenses for entertainment purposes. Most of them earn decent salaries, and it's usually between USD 51,000 to USD 129,200. A starting pay of USD 47,800 to USD 103,500 per year is definitely rewarding for entry-level engineers.
With excellent work experience and depending on your employer, they can command very competitive salaries. Those in reputed firms with several years of work experience and with sharp business acumen can earn salaries as highest as USD 155,000 yearly.
Analytical skills, communication skills, and a thorough understanding of the working of the technology market is a must to succeed in this profession. The designation of a sales engineer offers an excellent opportunity to understand the technical and business needs of a firm.