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Sales Coordinator Job Description

Charlie S
Sales coordinators have to coordinate activities related to sales and support their team. Go through this brief overview of the job description and salary of a sales coordinator.
Sales coordinators handle multiple responsibilities and are known to help the sales team in achieving sales targets.
A career in sales is one of the most promising ones in a market in which consumerism is at its peak. The demand for sales coordinators has risen greatly and is expected to remain stable in near future.
  • Sales coordinators need to have a continuous communication with the members of the sales team for achieving monthly product sale targets.
  • They also need to be in touch with the company's clients and understand their needs clearly.
  • They handle inquiries from existing and new clients and provide details about the products offered by them over the phone or via e-mails.
  • Sales coordinators prepare monthly sales reports and submit them to the senior level management.
  • They have deep knowledge of company's products, market situation and demand for the products.With this knowledge, they organize seminars and presentations to explain key points to the sales team.
  • They not only work on maintaining a database of sales metrics, but also plan strategies for sales enhancement with the help of top marketing professionals.
  • The sales process is full of risks and uncertainties. So, sales coordinators have to work closely with the risk department to reduce the risks and improve the company's prospects.
  • They play a crucial role in renewal of contracts with clients, based on earlier experiences of working with these clients.
  • Attending meetings of marketing and sales teams is also a part of their job.
  • They attend product promotional events to develop new contacts and get more clients for their company.
  • Development of a unique and efficient tracking system for keeping a tab on daily operations also comes in the job description of sales coordinators.
  • They also undertake administrative jobs such as preserving important and confidential agreements between the company and the customers.
  • Sales targets can be met only by team-work and hence, a sales coordinator has to be an excellent team player. At many places, these professionals make teams, allot work, and report the status to higher level managers.
  • New sales strategies can be invented and the existing ones can be made error-free only if the working environment is good and employees have sufficient powers. Sales coordinators work in these areas to increase the productivity of the sales team.
A graduation degree in the fields of sales or marketing can be the best launchpad for this career. Make sure that you complete your course from a top ranked university to get a good corporate placement.
You must have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, logical thinking ability, organizational skills, ability to work for long hours, hardworking nature, basic computer skills, and telephonic conversation skills. The salary of a sales coordinator can range between US $37,253 and US $65,696 per year.
You should be ready to give your hundred percent to the job and learn new sales techniques to move up the corporate ladder. All the best for your career!