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Sales Administrative Assistant Job Description

Charlie S
A sales administrative assistant is one of the most important persons in the sales department of an organization. In this story, we shall know about the sales administrative assistant job description in detail.
The sales department of all companies is in need of dynamic professionals who can help generate more businesses for them. The main task of these professionals is to meet up with the objectives and targets of the department with the help of high quality administrative sales support.
Due to the increasing demand of these professionals, there has been a growing rise in the sales administrative assistant salaries over the years. According to job market experts, the salary is expected to rise further for those sales professionals who have considerable work experience.

Job Description of a Sales Administrative Assistant

The duties of a sales administrative assistant include:
  • Taking care of meetings, schedule and appointments of the vice president of sales of the company.
  • Arranging for travel of the vice president for business purposes.
  • Dealing with the general inquiries of the sales team.
  • Providing details regarding sales performance of the company to vice president of sales and other senior level directors.
  • Maintaining the electronic database of the sales department of the company and updating information.
  • Preparing presentations and reports regarding sales proposals and plans.
  • Data entry like typing vital and confidential information is also a responsibility of the sales administrator.
  • They also maintain office equipment and stationeries in good condition and place orders for more as and when required by seeking funds from the finance/accounts department.
  • Reconciliation of bills and invoices is yet another important duty of a sales assistant.

Educational Requirements and Salary

Though a high school graduate is eligible for an entry-level position as a sales administrative assistant, top-notch companies prefer candidates with a degree in the related field.
Hence a bachelor's degree in business studies, sales, marketing, management, finance or accounting can be the ideal launch pad for a career as a sales administrative assistant. Besides, excellent communication skills, ability to multitask with accuracy, interpersonal skills and basic to advanced computer knowledge, are required to make a mark in this field.
Getting the Certified Administrative Professional certification can surely increase your chances of getting a decent job in this competitive job market. Also, a master's degree in the relevant field can be very useful in getting high paying jobs. Apart from education, preparing a proper resume is important to grab the best jobs in the market.
So, consulting an industry expert on how the sales administrative assistant's resume should be will definitely help. You can refer to the administrative assistant interview questions and answers for preparing yourself for the interview of this particular job.
The average salary of a sales administrative assistant can be around $42,000 per year. The salary figures depend on the location of job, type of employer and educational qualification of the candidate. Top multi-national employers will naturally pay higher salaries as compared to small employers.
Just like any other job, a candidate aspiring to be a sales administrative assistant should be hardworking with a competitive bent of mind. He should be dedicated and prepared to face the challenges in this highly competitive field. Good luck!