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Safety Manager Salary

Rahul Pandita
This write-up will provide some information on safety manager salary and the role of a safety manager in an organization. Read on to know more on this topic...
A safety manager takes care of the security and well-being of a company's employees. He has to make sure that the safety regulations in the workplace are in place, and ways to further improve these regulations.
Apart from monitoring these things, the role of a safety manager also involves training employees on workplace safety policies and regulations. He is entrusted with providing accurate details to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) officials when they visit the organization for an inspection.
A safety manager also acts as an adviser to the management when it comes to launching new projects and operations. The job of a safety manager is looked upon highly and so, the salary is on the higher side. Before we categorize the role of safety manager in their respective fields of work, take a look at the educational requirements for this job.

Educational Qualifications

To become a safety manager you either require a General Education Diploma (GED) or a bachelor's degree in occupational safety. However, some organizations may require one to have a Master's degree as the job demands you to manage a group of people.
Good communication skills are important for this profile as the job involves training employees and writing reports. Safety managers also need to think creatively in order to solve the various issues of the employees. The average salary of safety managers is at par with most salary ranges for jobs.

Salary Range

Average Salary of Construction Safety Manager

A construction safety manager is responsible for looking after the company's construction department.
He has to check whether all the safety standards are being followed and looks for corrective measures in cases where there is violation of rules. The average salary of a construction safety manager is around $74,000.

Average Salary of Site Safety Manager

A site safety manager's job is similar to that of a construction safety manager. It involves looking after the safety of workers working on site.
One also needs to work on the orientation of workers. It also involves creating awareness amongst workers about the safety procedures. TheĀ average salary of a site safety manager is around $69.800.

Average Salary of Food Safety Manager

A food manager is responsible for supervising all the measures that need to be followed for food safety. He also ensures that all the food storage guidelines are adhered to. In US, there are certain legal requirements that needs to be adhered to if your business involves dealing in food.
It is the job of a food manager to see that the food is sterilized and packaged in the right way so that it is able to retain its nutrients. A food manager also needs to keep a check on the temperature at which food is stored as most of the food-borne diseases occur because of this reason. The average salary of a food manager is around $69,800.
The city in which you work also determines how much you earn. The earlier figures are a median, that is, there are states in which the salary is higher than this average and in some places they are paid lesser than the median. As per payscale, Seattle, Houston, Dallas and Chicago are some of the cities which pay the highest salaries to safety managers.
The salary also depends on the experience one has in the concerned field. So, beginners should not get disheartened with the initial salaries as this field has enormous career opportunities. The salary does increase with the number of years one spends in the organization.