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Safety Manager Job Description

Hemangi Harankhedkar
There are certain specific skills that a safety manager needs to have in order to carry out his responsibilities properly. Also, there are different types, and as such, their duties vary accordingly.
Security and safety plays a very important role in any organization, and cannot be neglected. A slight negligence can lead to dangerous consequences. Thus arises the need of a safety manager.
This professional is the key person overseeing the safety of an organization; the organization might be a school, a university, an industrial plant, a hospital, or a workplace. He is required in both small as well as large organizations. He is responsible for coordinating and managing all the activities involved in maintaining the safety of the organization.


  • To safeguard the organization from internal as well as external threats.
  • To initiate, coordinate and manage all the safety related tasks within the organization.
  • To allocate tasks to the safety department staff and monitor their work. He also plays a role in recruitment of new safety staff and has to ensure that proper training is given to new recruits and that they are equipped with all the safety tips to be followed in the organization.
  • To undertake various security related checks and correct the drawbacks, if any.
  • Issue guidelines and directives to the staff on a regular basis and ensure that the guidelines and rules are properly followed. To make the staff knowledgeable about useful workplace safety tips.
  • To ensure that all the documentation concerning the safety department is up-to-date.
  • In case an accident occurs, the manager has the task of finding the root cause behind the accident and ensuring that the same incident is not repeated in future.
  • Arrange the safety related machinery and infrastructure and check the machinery periodically.

Skills Required

  • Being a manager, he should possess good oral and written communication skills.
  • An operational background is definitely a plus point but a person having sound analytical and problem solving skills would also make a good safety manager.
  • Aptitude to accept challenges and confront risks.
  • Willingness to work round-the-clock.
  • Having good computer knowledge is also essential, especially the use of spreadsheets and presentation programs.
  • Good administrative and team skills are a must.

Salary Range

As this job comes with risk and responsibility, these experts are handsomely paid. Those with less than a year to 4 years of experience earn between US $37,000 to US $81,500.
Those with 5 to 9 years and 10 to 19 years of experience can expect a salary anywhere between US $46,500 and US $98,600; and US $51,000 and US $110,160 respectively. Those with 20 years or more experience can expect a salary between US $52,600 and US $123,140. Like every other industry, the salary varies according to location and type of organization.

Types of Safety Managers

Trucking Safety Manager

Trucking safety managers are generally required in warehouses, manufacturing units and industries. He generally has to play the dual role of a manager as well as a technician.
Trucking manager has to ensure that all rules and regulations concerning transportation are being followed by the truck drivers. He has to periodically inspect the trucks and prepare relevant reports. He makes sure that all the Government laws and guidelines are being followed and also test drives all the new trucks.

Transportation Safety Manager

This job revolves around ensuring safe transport. Transport manager makes sure that transportation is in accordance with government transportation policies and addressing the complaints concerning transportation.
He is also responsible for assigning personnel to check baggage at important locations and explaining security regulations to the general public. He has to train new recruits in handling security-screening equipment and observe the premises to detect any security violation.

Construction Site Safety Manager

Construction site is generally prone to accidents. Thus safety at the construction site cannot be compromised.
This manager has the difficult task of ensuring workplace safety. For this, he should possess good observational skills. He should know all laws and regulations concerning construction in detail.
Main responsibilities include hiring qualified persons for the job of workers, ensuring all construction standards are adhered to and the right machinery is purchased, periodically checking all machines and equipment to make sure that all newly bought machines are in good condition.

Health Safety Manager

The role of health managers is quite significant as health cannot be compromised. Responsibilities include defining hygiene standards and rules for the organization, ensuring all the devices and machines under health department are in good condition, organizing health awareness camps and ensuring people in the organization follow the set hygiene rules.

Drug Safety Manager

He should have excellent knowledge and experience in the field of medicine and drugs. It is his responsibility to make sure that the drugs are properly packed and shipped safely. Drugs have to be handled with care, and thus, it is his responsibility to train additional staff on proper handling of drugs.

Food Safety Manager

He is responsible for maintaining the quality of food. It is his duty to ensure that the food is cooked in hygienic conditions and is free from contamination.
Contamination of food can occur due to various reasons and he should be aware of all the potential threats. This job demands good observational skills and comes with its own set of responsibilities.
Community health should not be compromised as this could affect lots of people. It is his duty to design all the food standards to be followed in the organization and then maintain a vigil on the activities.

Fire Safety Manager

This professional works round-the-clock and has to be on constant vigil for any fire alerts. All fire inspectors work under him. He goes through the contracts concerned with maintenance and installation of new fire extinguishers.
He also prepares and submits annual safety budget. It is his duty to respond to all fire alarms, leaks, foul gas smells and burning odors. Excellent team coordination and leadership skills are required for this job.