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Robotics Technician Job Description

Rahul Thadani
A study of a robotics technician job description will show you that such individuals have to carry out a variety of tasks to ensure that automated machinery and advanced engineering products work smoothly. The most capable technicians also get an opportunity to design their own robots as well.
With science and technology progressing at its phenomenal rate, the day is not far off when robots will be omnipresent and working all kinds of routine day-to-day jobs.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an industry that has been threatening to take over the world for some time, and slowly but steadily, we are heading to a future that only science fiction writers could dream of. At times like this, the need for specialized people who can build and develop these robots, and also ensure that they function smoothly, is essential.
Robotics is a specialized field of study that is already present in several elite industries like medicine, space exploration, oil drilling and excavation. Soon, the machines used here will spread to other industries as well, and we will be able to claim that the age of the robot is firmly upon us.
There are several recreational robots that are also available in the market today, and even though their prices are slightly prohibitive for the common man, these are only expected to fall over time as the advantages of robotics become common knowledge.

What Does a Robotics Technician Do

Simply put, a robotics technician is someone who conceptualizes and builds these machines with a specific purpose in mind. His job will not stop here though, as the technician will be required to regularly check and fix these machines as well, in order to ensure that everything is working according to plan.
Many industrial production plants also make use of robotics, and there has to be an engineering team that handles these devices and regularly maintains them.
  • To develop and build robots that serve specific customer needs.
  • This development will require dealing with highly advanced hardware and software tools.
  • Programming and commissioning the robots to carry out the purpose for which they are built.
  • To maintain and upgrade the robots as and when the time to do so arises.
  • To assist the customer in learning how to operate these robots and how to optimize their efficiency.
  • To provide constant technical support and customer training in any manner possible.
These are just some of the jobs that the technician will be expected to perform, and each industry and each client will have its own individual and specific needs as well.

Robotics Technician Training

Any aspiring robotics technician needs to acquire all the right qualifications and experience. A high school degree with a specialty in mathematics and science is a must, and the individual needs to have obtained exemplary grades in these courses.
Beyond this, the individual will also need to acquire an associated degree in Robotics Engineering from a reputable and prestigious institute.
After this has been done, he will need to acquire certificates pertaining to the field, like the exam for Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET), and the exam by the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET). Needless to say, the individual will need to clear all these examinations with flying colors.
Robotics technicians will also be required to work in large teams of specialists, so their communication skills and people skills also need to be up to the mark. Working in busy plants and busy sites is a common occurrence, so one must also be prepared to deal with several distractions.
The job prospects for these technicians is excellent in the private sector and the Government sector as well, since there will never be a dearth of demand for the best robotics products in the market.
Their average salary ranges between $50,000 - $75,000 per year for people who are just setting out on this career avenue. More experienced technicians, and technicians who are with big industries will obviously earn much more.
This is a very lucrative industry with tremendous scope for growth in the future. So there is no denying the fact that this is an excellent career choice for someone who is interested in robotics, advanced engineering and technology.