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Retail Store Manager Salary

Stephen Rampur
For fresher Retail Store Manager, the salary starts from somewhere around USD 44,032 per annum. Tap through for the pre-requisites, role and responsibilities and other information about this profile.
Retail store managers are very important in retail companies. Their primary duty is to look after the product sales in stores and try to increase customer services and satisfaction. For this career, you need to possess management skills and an attention to detail.

Job Description

The manager oversees the complete functioning of the store; keeping in mind, the company goals, policies, and regulations. He has to make sure that there is a proper inflow and outflow of products in the inventory. He has to take essential steps in increasing sales and profits, without compromising on the quality of the products and the cost of operation.
A store manager has to address to the complaints and suggestions of customers. Recruiting and providing employee training are other necessary duties that he has to perform. He has to supervise the works of his subordinates who normally are shift leads and assistant managers. He also has to plan and execute discount programs and events for the store.

Salary Range

If you are a fresher or someone with less than 1 to 4 years' experience, you are most likely to get a starting per annum pay of USD 43,856. For those who have 5 to 9 years' experience may earn on an average USD 45,100 per annum.
The average of pay package for those with a good 10 to 19 years' experience in the industry can be around USD 46,669 annually. Professionals with over 20 years of experience may earn a remuneration between USD 80,000 and USD 84,000.
The salary depends also on the city where one is employed. In New York and San Francisco, the average annual pay can be about USD 56,100 and USD 57,300 while in Florida and Chicago it can be around USD 45,500 and USD 51,100 respectively. An Average pay scale in Philadelphia is USD 49,000.
While Los Angeles provides a pay scale of about USD 52,110 per annum; cities such as Atlanta, Orlando have a range of approximately USD 48,600 to USD 48,300 per annum.
The salary also depends on the type of retail chain. In the clothing line, the pay scale is USD 41,700 annually; in the computer systems and related services industry, the pay is slightly more of USD 76,000. The salary ranges mentioned here are not exact but approximate, and may differ as per the financial situation and most importantly, the employer.