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Resume Objective Examples

Tulika Nair
If you are drafting your resume, then it is a good idea to include the objective. In this story, we give you a few examples that will elucidate how to draft an objective for a resume.
When you send out your resume to a prospective company, without actually responding to an advertisement given out by the company, chances are that your resume will be set aside without more than a minute's glance.
However, the objective statements can actually go a long way in getting your curriculum vitae a second look. A summary of what the applicant's career objective is needs to be precise and effective. Samples should be referred to understand how to draft good ones.
If you have experience in the field that you are applying to, then highlight this prior experience in your statement. If you are new to the industry, then showcase the skills you have, and your keen interest in the field.

General Examples

One thing that you need to remember while drafting a resume objective is to make it as specific as possible, because that increases the chances of you being hired by the company in question. A specific objective shows that the applicant is sure of what he or she wants.
You will notice with most IT resumes, that they mention the kind of job profile they are interested in i.e., web designing, software testing, or SEO. The same holds true for every industry when it comes to job applications. The more specific your career objective, the more focused you seem to a prospective employer.
If you are drafting a new resume, refer to these examples.
  • Holding a position at ABC institute where I can maximize my training experience, program development skills, and also enhance my teaching abilities.
  • Obtaining a position at XYZ company which will allow me to maximize my management skills, teach me more about program development, and also provide me with training experience.
  • Finding a position that will benefit the organization with my sales experience, positive interaction skills and industry contacts.
  • Seeking a position for project management that includes leadership responsibilities like problem solving, planning, organizing, and managing budgets.
  • Seeking a position in an office environment, where there is a need for a variety of office management tasks that would utilize my computer knowledge, organizational abilities, business intelligence, and database program use.
  • Seeking a position in a people-oriented organization where I can use my previous experience in customer-service, in a setting that challenges me to achieve corporate goals.
  • Obtaining a position as a school teacher that will utilize my strong dedication to the cause of development of children and their educational needs.
  • To obtain a position as a software program designer which will enable me to research, learn, and develop new high-tech products.
  • Seeking a customer care representative position where my experience in customer relations can be fully used to improve customer satisfaction, and enhance company brand name.
  • Seeking a position that will enable me to create business strategies and develop existing customer sales, marketing tools, and product launching techniques.
  • Seeking a position as an account executive trainee at ABC advertising agency.
  • Seeking a position that will allow me to create integrated strategies to develop and expand existing customer sales, and also work on brand endorsements and marketing techniques.
  • A newcomer seeking a position to gain experience, and learn how to provide good customer service.
  • A political science honors graduate looking for a position requiring intuitive research capabilities, and constructive policy formulation. (State any previous experience).
  • A campus newspaper editor and journalism major seeking a job in the editorial team, to gain experience through reporting and feature writing.
These are just some very general examples of resume objectives that can serve as a sample enabling you to draft your own statements. The next time you apply for a job, you will definitely not miss out because your resume did not stand out in the crowd of applications.