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Restaurant Manager Job Description

Charlie S
The task of managing a restaurant is not easy. It requires having a great manager who can hold everything together, and work towards attaining excellence. Continue reading for the job description and salary details of this job profile.
The restaurant business has always been one of the most profitable ones. However, its success solely depends on customer satisfaction, and ensuring that customers get what they want. This is the main aspect of the job of a restaurant manager.

Nature of the Job

This job involves looking after each and every aspect of a restaurant, which influences its business. A restaurant manager ensures that the cooking and dining environment is clean and tidy. For this, he gives instructions to the working staff on how to maintain cleanliness.
The most important part is to make sure that the quality of food and drinks is as per industry standards. Since this quality aspect can alone guarantee customer satisfaction, and in turn, good business, this responsibility is shouldered by these professionals.
They also see to it that food is served on clean plates in a proper manner. Politely interacting with customers, answering their queries, etc. are also a part of their job. They also make customers comfortable, and ensure that they are served on time.
They personally visit the kitchen, and observe whether the food preparation is as per the set guidelines of cleanliness and hygiene. They also take care of the cash lockers, where the money is kept on a daily basis.
Besides this, they perform the daily task of sharing business details with the restaurant owner, as this helps the latter to chalk out new strategies to make the restaurant more and more popular. They supervise the work of the security people, the chefs, accountants, waiters, and the rest of the employees.


Their salary range mostly depends on their experience, educational qualifications, and the kind of restaurant they work in. For those who work at large and reputed ones in the heart of the city, salaries will naturally be more than for those who work at smaller ones. Usually, a degree in Business Administration can be ideal for getting a high pay scale job.
A postgraduate degree in Management can fetch higher paying jobs. Their median salary is around USD 44,000 per year, as per many surveys. The pay scale for entry-level professionals, with less than two years of experience ranges between USD 21,000 to USD 53,000 per year.
Those with an experience of 3 to 5 years can earn between USD 24,000 to USD 57,200 annually. The pay scale can be as high as USD 560,000 for the ones with more than ten years of experience. Besides these factors, the salary also depends on their skills, attitude towards work and sincerity. If you have all of these facets, this career option can be for you.