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Requirements to Join the Navy

Tulika Nair
Have you decided that a career in the military is what you are looking at? Well you need to know about the requirements you need to meet to join the navy if that is your desired armed force.
So the decision is made. You have decided that your life ahead will be spent in the US Navy. Now you want to know how to go about the process of joining the force.
In this story, we tell you what are the criteria to join the force. In order to join the navy, the first thing you will need to do is talk to your family and once you have assuaged their fears about your decision, talk to a recruiter which will ensure that you have the right reasons to join the navy.
A recruiter will be able to guide you about what to expect from a life in the forces and how to go about the process of applying to the US navy. Once you have spoken to a recruiter and submitted your application, it will be processed and then your training process will start.

For the Position of Enlisted Sailor

As an applicant for the post of an enlisted sailor, given below is the list of requirements you will need to meet.
  • The minimum age of an applicant is 17 years with the consent of his parents, and the maximum age is 34 years.
  • The applicant has to be a U.S. citizen. If not, then you can be an enlisted soldier in the US Navy if you have a permanent residence visa, an established bona fide residence and an established home of record in the United States.
  • A single parent is not eligible to enlist in the navy even if he or she shares joint custody. Only if someone takes full custody of the child can they enlist in the navy. Also if a person has more than two dependents, (children, parents), then you will not be allowed to enlist.
  • This is applicable only in certain situations where the person in question will have to provide evidence that he can meet any financial obligations he has currently.
  • The minimum educational requirement for an enlisted soldier applicant is that he or she should at least be a high school graduate.
  • The Navy does not tolerate drug or alcohol abuse in any situation. You will be asked to undertake two tests of urinalysis during your enlistment process. In case any traces of alcohol or drugs are found, you will not be accepted into the US Navy.
You will also have the navy going over your medical and legal history and checking for character references. All this is very important in the process of recruitment to the navy.

For the Position of an Officer

As someone who is applying for the position of an officer in the navy, most of requirements will remain pretty much the same but there are some major differences. The minimum age for an officer candidate is 19 and not 17 like in an enlisted sailor's case. Citizenship requirements remain the same as do the financial obligations part. Educational requirements are much higher in case you want to join the navy as an officer. You will be expected to have at least a BS or a BA degree with extremely good grades.
As an officer you will also have to give the navy a service commitment that can range anywhere between three to five years. In case of enlisted sailors this commitment is two to four years. After the applications are processed the recruits are sent to the Recruit Training Command at Great Lakes, Illinois for the navy boot camp. In case of officers, they go to different officer training academies.
Basic requirements to apply to navy reserves and navy SEALs remain the same but in case of the navy SEALs, you already need to be a member of the US Navy and below 28 years of age. It is also of importance to have good vision. Women are not allowed to join the Navy SEALs. Physical requirements are pretty strenuous.
There are some basic height and weight requirements along with other physical demands that need to be met. Joining the US Navy is a career opportunity that can be a matter of extreme pride and honor. Meeting all the requirements will ensure your entry into a career that will gain you the respect of a lot of people.