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Requirements to Become a Club Promoter

Urvashi Pokharna
Imagine having your name on the most happening club's guest list, socializing with the coolest party animals and organizing the hottest parties in town! One of the most fun jobs in the world is to be a club promoter! But beware, it is not always a piece of cake.
First and foremost, to get started, get in touch with the management of the club you intend to get associated with. There are always upcoming clubs in every city who are desperate for promotions to attract people to their place. They would be the most willing to hire a club or party promoter.
You must be really active in the social life in your city and attend lots of parties, private-dos, events, gigs and concerts. You must be aware of all the past, present and future grand events in your city as well as those happening in all other metropolitans.
You must also have an expert ability to convince and bargain with people. It would also help to be well-known among party hoppers so you can interact with them easily and convince them to attend your parties. Here is to all you hopefuls, take a look at what it really takes to become a club promoter.

Spreading the Word

If you are too straightforward in your approach about promoting a certain event, it might annoy people and they may not show up for the party or gig that you are so explicitly advertising.
Do not beg people to come, it most definitely makes you lose your charm. Be very subtle when promoting a club. It should be as natural as any other topic in your conversation with people. 
Do not give false advice to your prospective clientage. Once they lose their faith in your word, you will lose business with them in future. So be very careful about your style of promotion. Always be honest and do not try to over-hype an event in your club.
The spectators should feel that your advice is genuine even when they do know that you work as a club or party promoter. You may need to print fliers and have them spread at all major hangouts where the target group is most frequently present.
Get friendly with people with large groups or those who know a lot of people. You may not necessarily know everyone around, so they can introduce you to more people and help you with your job.
And while you are at it, build a personal rapport with them and grow your network. Always note down their numbers and text them when you need to do your promotions. Word-of-mouth is one of the most effective marketing tools ultimately and that is a proven fact.

Online Promotions

Since today, most people obtain their dose of news and information through online media like social networking sites, you also need to make your presence felt on Facebook, Twitter and other popular public portals.
Put up your fliers online too and make sure you are telling people about the latest exciting developments on parties around the city, especially yours above all. You could also make a calendar on your profile highlighting the upcoming events.
It will entice people to look forward to hearing from you while simultaneously boosting your public image among party-goers. Do not forget, in the world of Blackberrys and iPhones, everyone receives instant e-mail notifications.

Understanding your Clients

Everybody likes to talk about themselves. This is the key to understanding your clients, the club as well as the club-goers.
Understand the needs of the club, their target market and expectations. Here, you may be able to help them get their goals more in sync with the ongoing scenario and work out a deal with them.
Interacting with club-enthusiasts will help you to understand and meet their anticipations. While it is important to get your word across, it is more important to open your eyes and observe people around you. To be an instant hit among people around you, always lend an ear to them and memorize the significant details.

Take a Cue

There are already other promoters in the market. If they are your friends, that would be even better because you would have a thing or two to learn from them. Every smart public relations manager knows that it would be absolutely unwise to be cold towards your counterparts in this business. 
Don't try to run a one-man show. You cannot be successful in this business unless you have the support of others. It will also make your job easier to work in harmony. A favor or two always comes in handy when you need a job done with their help later.

The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side

Anything done in excess becomes boring after a while. At some point, you may become bored with your job. Do not let this affect the business that you get. If you are bored, so may be your clients. Soon everything will become 'same old drab' as you become over-familiar with the people, bar menu and music. So, try to make it more interesting for everyone.
Remember the perks of your job - meeting new people, learning about different cultures and lifestyles and having a first-hand experience with the latest music and trends. Also, there will be the time to return favors taken as people ask for some. Have a strong will-power and stay out of trouble.
You may also need to hire a DJ or a music artist in case for the club. A promoter's earnings are a share on the revenue generated from entry fees and even bar revenue depending on your contract. You can become a club-promoter alone or have a company started wherein you hire others under you.
For starters, we'd suggest you try your hand solo. A good tactic to add the X-factor to your event would be if you could manage to have a celebrity make an appearance. This could really add weight to reputation and the gig too. Or you could organize a charity at the club, a special performance by several artists and theme parties. 
Although it's a job, ensure that you are always dressed in the perfect club attire and make an impression. It's always wise to be out there and be aware of what other clubs are doing and planning on. The number of their crowd on weekdays as well as weekends, their bar menu, their highlights and their drawbacks should be on your fingertips.
One of the perks of becoming a club or party promoter is that you have the freedom to work at more than just one nightclub if your contract allows you and the club managers are at peace with the notion.
Do not expect well-established clubs to hire you at your proposal. You need to give them a good reason and show them why they need you and it is not the other way round. As you are stepping into this business, avoid mistakes out of impulse.
Everyone would advise you to be aggressive, but you need to know how to play your cards right. You can exploit an opportunity only when you can manage to find it before others. Being a promoter requires a lot of hard-work, cleverness and a knack for public relations.