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Requirements to Be a Police Officer

Kundan Pandey
Good education, intelligence, discipline, and a desire to serve the people, are some of the fundamental prerequisites to be a police officer.
The job of police officers is very respected and honored all over the world. They are seen as a government representatives who fight injustice and maintain peace and harmony in society. Whenever there is violence, theft, robbery, and other problems, we are always sure that the state/county police will come to our rescue and help us to nab the miscreants.


Becoming a police officer is quite a challenging job, and anybody who is aspiring to enter this coveted field must understand that he/she has to go through a series of tough screening tests, wherein his/her abilities are tested.

Character Traits

Fundamental requirements to become a police officer are a deep sense of devotion and commitment, and a driving desire to serve the community. If a person lacks the spirit and determination to fight anti-social elements and other miscreants, then it is highly probable that in the long run, the person may not be able to fulfill their duties efficiently.
Besides these, a person with weak mental strength can easily compromise with anti-social elements and demean the spirit of such a reputed job. Honesty and integrity are the two virtues that must be the hallmark of an officer serving his country.

Physical Strength

It does not require great comprehension ability to understand the basic fact that physical fitness tops the criteria to be a police officer. An excellent physique and endurance ability to handle any crisis without succumbing to any form of physical loss is necessary. 
When the candidates are recruited through police training academies, their agility, speed, strength, and ability to survive in tough conditions are screened through various tests. Hearing, vision, and drug tests are also to be passed by those aspiring to make it in this career. These tests confirm if the person is fit enough to gel in the police system.

Some Other Requisites

To be a police officer, one requires good educational background. Some of the basic qualifications required are as follows:
  • A high school diploma is the minimum requirement to be a police officer.
  • Many departments prefer college education that may require candidates to have completed certificate or degree courses in criminal justice programs.
  • Some even prefer candidates having a two year's associate degree or a PhD in police science.
  • A degree in subjects like human behavior, computer systems, legal matters, and similar subjects, that can help in enhancing the knowledge and skills of a police officer, are always welcome.
  • Candidates aiming to become police officers must be at least 20 years of age.
  • The candidates must be citizens of USA.
  • Candidates must pass medical and physical fitness tests.
  • They must qualify a written examination organized by the respective police department that the person is applying to.
  • Candidates are required to pass lie detector tests and a series of interviews with the police department officials, after qualifying the written and physical examinations.
Candidates selected after the tests and interviews, are then sent to the respective police training academies where they are trained on the basic skills and requirements. Patrolling, traffic control, emergency preparedness, use of first aid, and skills of self defense and attack, are some of the basic things that the police officers are trained.
Rigorous exercises throughout the year ensure that the officers are physically fit enough to tackle miscreants and handle injustice.
These were some of the essential needs to be a police officer, so if you are interested in this career, and wish to serve your country, you can act accordingly and do what your heart says.