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Reproductive Endocrinologist Salary

Veethi Telang
If you're interested in health specialties, and want to frame a career in to endocrinology, here's some relevant information on reproductive endocrinologist job profile, salary and career prospects. Take a look.
Couples who struggle with infertility, take consultations from their practitioners and gynecologists who help them with their issues. If a couple is interested in taking the next step forward with their treatment for fertility, they choose a reproductive endocrinologist who, with his knowledge, aids the couple to increase the chances of conceiving.
They are specially trained to help couples combat fertility issues by giving them the necessary treatment. A reproductive endocrinologist to identify all factors associated with a couple's infertility such as hormonal disorders, menstrual problems, pregnancy loss, menopause, sexual dysfunction, etc. and identifies the most appropriate methods to treat them.
While that's just a fluttering peek of the various responsibilities, to serve the purpose of this piece of writing, let us read about how much does a reproductive endocrinologist make on an annual basis.

Pay Scale of Reproductive Endocrinologists: An Overview

The health field is growing, immensely. Aging population does require care with more and more diseases linked to the endocrine system. Hence, the need for endocrinologists who have a thorough understanding of the various glands and hormones to treat their patients in the utmost effective manner.
According to surveys, the average salary of a reproductive endocrinologist in the United States of America is around USD 192,600. Well, with increasing experience, salary figures take a hike too. What's more, pay scale of an infertility specialist also depends upon the region he chooses to serve in.
Salaries of reproductive endocrinologists in accordance with the major cities of the US are - 
  • New York - $212,980
  • Boston - $263,300
  • Houston - $175,010
  • California - $221,120
  • Virginia - $245,980
  • New Jersey - $222,050
  • Southeast Coastal North Carolina - $206,450
  • Texas - $209,580
As you can see, the pay scale of a reproductive endocrinologist highly varies with the cities he chooses to work in. However, your salary will also be dependent upon the level of treatment you offer to your patients. Note that reproductive endocrinologists may not be one of the highest paid medical professionals within the health care fraternity.
However, if an aspirant works diligently, and chooses his region and workplace wisely, it is easy for him to shape a successful career in reproductive endocrinology within a span of 10 years. If the salary figures of the infertility specialists in various metropolitans of the US amused you, you must be keen to know how to become one.

Educational Qualifications and Requirements

In the United States of America, the pathway to become a reproductive endocrinologist is to become a sub-specialist in the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG), that recognizes aspiring endocrinologists and certifies them. You need to have four years of training in Obstetrics and Gynecology, followed by a three-year fellowship.
After you're done with both, you need to get certification in reproductive endocrinology by means of written and oral exams. You may also be asked to get through thesis examination as per the certification rules. Once you become certified, you can either work as a private reproductive endocrinologist, or apply for a job in any recognized medical institution.
In today's world, where health is everything, and negligence may lead to many incurable diseases, the need for proper medical care is ever-increasing.
The health care field is growing because of an aging population that calls for proper medication, and understanding of body hormones and diseases associated with it. A reproductive endocrinologist contributes to this by specializing in endocrinology, thereby, diagnosing and treating infertility problems in couples. A terrific salary package is just a bonus.