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Recruiter Job Description

Charlie S
Understanding the nature of the work of recruiters is imperative for all those who wish to take up courses in the field of human resource management. Here's what you need to know about this job.
The main task before recruiters is to hire deserving candidates to meet the manpower needs of the company. They have to take into consideration many factors before selecting candidates. Here, we shall discuss their job description in detail.

Main Tasks Involved

Recruiters conduct selection rounds to fill up the vacant posts in their organization. Before the actual process of recruiting begins, they create a well-drafted plan for selection by discussing strategies for the same.
Every department in a company has heads and juniors. They hold discussions with heads of each department to understand its needs, and overall steps to be included in the process. They try to understand which qualities ideally the candidates should have to be a part of the organization.
Recruiters post information about jobs available in the firm on Internet and in newspaper advertisements. They make preparations for the entrance test, which usually consists of a 3-round written test, group discussions, and personal interviews. They already decide the questions, which they would be asking the candidates by carefully studying their resumes.
While conducting an interview, recruiters have to think whether the applicant has the ability to successfully shoulder the responsibility of the post, for which he/she has applied. Once the selection process is over, they conduct inductions and training sessions for the new employees.
They participate in daily administration of the company office to ensure that it functions smoothly, with all employees contributing positively to its growth. They also make decisions regarding salary hikes, bonuses and promotions to staff members, considering their performance. Thus, they handle the vital task of keeping a tab on employee output.

Educational Requirements

In order to enter this field, you need to complete your graduation in areas such as commerce, accounting, or business administration. A Master's degree in human resource management can help you get some of the finest jobs in this sector. Thorough knowledge of basic computer software can be an additional qualification for you.
This field offers ample job opportunities, even for those who have completed their education in the fields of marketing, international business, finance, and industrial relations. Initially, recruiters might have to work as interns or assistants, before they become experienced enough to handle things independently.


The salary depends on educational qualifications, years of practical experience, skills, location of job and employer. The salaries of those working in top-notch multinational organizations are much higher, in comparison to those working in small organizations. Those working in big metropolitan cities earn more than those who work in the smaller ones.
For the post of an executive recruiter, the median salary is usually around USD 65,064 per year, while technical ones can earn around USD 50,989 in the same period. At many places, they also earn attractive perks, bonuses, and commissions, apart from the fixed salary, which adds to their total income.
Thus, it is clear that this is a promising and high flying career for young graduates and post graduates. As an aspirant, if you want to make it big in this field, better start exploring the career opportunities in it as soon as possible, and start acting.