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Recreational Therapist Job Description

Charlie S
This Story aims to explain what all comes under the purview of a recreational therapist's duties and responsibilities.
There are many people around us who suffer from various illnesses and disabilities. These people need our help and support to achieve their goals in life. It is not that they are less capable or are completely dependent on us.
They only need the right kind of guidance and emotional support that can generate self-confidence in them. Recreational therapists organize many activities for such people, helping them socialize and learn new things in life.

Job Description

The job of such a therapist primarily involves improving the quality of life of their patients. Many times, people with disabilities go through a phase of depression and are stressed out, and this is where these professionals step in. The first task they perform is to make patients understand their strengths and improve their abilities to do well in areas of their interest.
They arrange for interactive sessions, sports, games, arts and crafts, music shows, etc., for the entertainment of the patients. Arts and crafts can be very useful for people of all age groups. By interacting with other people, these patients can reduce their stress levels and live a happy life.
Recreational therapists are recruited in large numbers in health care institutions such as hospitals and clinics. These health care professionals work closely with doctors, specialists, and nurses while treating patients.
They often form groups of patients and teach the entire group, as this makes the learning process easy and fast. Self-control and anger management are areas where these professionals work hard to see an improvement in the behavior and condition of their patients.

Educational Requirements

In order to get jobs as a recreational therapist, you will require a bachelor's degree in therapeutic recreation or recreation therapy. Though you can start your career with a bachelor's degree, getting a master's degree will help you to get the best jobs in the market.
Work experience and good performance letters from earlier employers prove to be very crucial in bagging the most lucrative jobs in this sector. If you are successful in getting certifications from reputed institutes, that are running this course, then you can look forward to a great career in this field.
Certificates issued by National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification are considered to be standard and are accepted by all major employers.


The salaries for recreation therapists largely depend on their number of years of practical experience, educational qualifications, location of job, type of employer and their skills. The salaries of those working for renowned hospitals are quite high, as compared to those working for lesser-known hospitals.
Recreational therapists working in states like New York, Texas, or California earn much more than those who work in small cities. These professionals can earn anything between USD 50,000 to USD 62,000 per year depending on their experience.
The salaries are quite attractive for those working in nursing care, general hospitals, and surgery hospitals.