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Recession Proof Jobs for Women

Mukta Gaikwad
In an economically unstable world, it is imperative for a woman to have a firm financial grounding to support the family, if the need be. Fortunately, there are some recession proof jobs for women that shall remain stable even in the years to come.
A business idea that stands on its own feet and has an original foundation, is definitely the one that can survive any kind of crash. Every business goes through its shares of ups and downs, but rising higher every time you crash, is more important.
Recession proof jobs for women, aim at make them self-reliant and self-sufficient, so that they do not suffer miserably while running a household, at the behest of their husbands losing a job when economy take a dips. Today, it is equally important for a woman to work, in order to raise a family that is edified in every way.

Recession Proof Careers for Women

Day Care

Working moms know the hassles of finding a trustworthy day care and the worries of leaving a child all alone. So if you are thinking of quitting your job and working from home, so that you can take care of your child, why not start a day care of your own?
Give your day care a personal touch that is missing in most of the creches around the town. This is an excellent way to work from home and make some money while you enjoy spending time with your children.

Freelance Writer

Newspapers, magazines and websites do not stop at the whims of the economy. If you are observant enough and have a flair of being a writer, try your hand at being a freelance writer. Several publishing houses look out for people who can write on article basis.
This saves their cost, but gives you a steady income on the other hand. The biggest advantage of being a freelance writer is that you can work at convenience.

Home Tutor

Schools and colleges can never be affected by world economic crisis. In fact, B-schools registered several admissions during the recession, as many fired professionals enrolled themselves for higher studies. B
eing a home tutor to school and college students will give you a steady income all through the year, without making any investments. This is the perfect recession proof jobĀ for women, who do not want to be caught in grueling working hours or a fixed work pattern.

Event Planner

An event planner is busy all the year around. Small events or big events, the world will never stop looking for entertainment options. So here's your chance to make hay, while the sun shines.
A computer, phone and a notepad is all the investment you need to make to be an event planner. Weddings, sport events, birthday parties, even funerals and reunions are some of the small events you can start with.


Let's face it. No matter how tight the finances are, a woman will always find a way to squeeze out some amount for her periodic visit to the parlor. Thus, being a beautician is a lucrative job.
If you do not wish to invest a large amount in starting a full-fledged parlor, you can start a hair salon, a nail spa or just a spa. Providing single specialized service to your clients will also earn you big bucks.
Besides these, you always have the option of turning your hobby into your profession. Designing, pottery, taking dance classes, teaching how to cook, making saplings, baking cakes, making pickles and so forth are some more ways of starting a small business at hom. Lastly, remember that your business has to be unique to get a loyal audience.