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Recession-Proof Jobs

Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
Many people lose their jobs in the recession. It affects them financially as well as psychologically. So, here is a list of some careers which are recession-proof.
Recession had hit the global economy hard and the worst sufferers were the people who were employed in jobs in different organizations. Companies went bankrupt, some got shut down. A good number of people were laid off from their jobs, while some saw a drastic cut in their paycheck. The big picture here is that everyone suffered. Now the economy is recovering and people have started getting jobs.
However, there are some jobs that are recession-proof. These jobs would not be affected by a bad economy or a crash in the share market. Here is a list.

Police Officer

Cops are employed by the government, which means 100% job security. Since the economy during recession is not in a better position, crime rate rises up and this keeps cops more busy. Law enforcement agencies always encourage students to take courses, related to police officer training after high school. The only requirement is you should be a US citizen, 20 years old, and physically fit to meet the expectations.

Pharmacy Technician

As people grow old, they tend to suffer from various diseases. The recession plays a big hand in making people victims of anxiety and depression. Besides, people always have some kind of health coverage, which helps them to pay for medications even with the collapse of economy. To become a pharmacy technician, you should be a student with some medical experience or certification. If selected, training would be given on the job.

Environmental Scientist Technician

Global studies say that green jobs are there to rule and save our planet. Despite the recent downturn, a large percentage of the US workforce works in this field. If you want to help in this noble mission, then you need an associate degree or certification in applied science or science and technology.
Technicians who have a high school diploma can begin their career, working under the supervision of an experienced professional and gradually earn a two year degree in science and technology.

Funeral Director

The only truth about life is death. No matter whether the economy is booming or collapsing, people will continue to die and families will continue to organize funerals for their loved ones. States require funeral directors, who have a valid license. You should be 21 years of age and should have at least 2 years of formal education to opt for this job. You have to pass a written examination and serve an apprenticeship of one year.


Registered nurses are always in demand. Recession or not, people continue to get sick and seek medical assistance. If you want to enter the noble profession of nursing, you should have a bachelor's degree in nursing and should have completed an approved nursing program. Nurses should also pass a license exam to get a valid practicing license.


Since economic recession, people are trying to get more safe jobs which require higher qualifications. Employed or otherwise, people want to attain higher education to have an impressive resume and a secure job. A teaching job is one of the best examples of a recession-proof job. You need to have a doctoral degree for a bright career in this profession.

Jobs and Salaries

Mentioned ahead is a list of recession-proof jobs and their salaries.

Jobs and their salaries

  • Detectives and Criminal Investigators - $81,920
  • Social and Community Service Managers - $65,320
  • Physical Therapists - $87,930
  • Teachers, Postsecondary - $78,470
  • Registered Nurses - $71,730
  • Environmental Engineers - $87,620
  • Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorder Counselors - $44,630
  • Claims Adjusters, Examiners, and Investigators - $65,670
  • Correctional Officers and Jailers - $49,300
  • Geo Scientists, Except Hydrologists and Geographers - $107,800
  • Speech-Language Pathologists - $77,510
  • Industrial-Organizational Psychologists - $109,030
  • Gaming Surveillance Officers and Gaming Investigators - $36,160
  • Firefighters - $49,620
  • Funeral Directors - $57,620
  • Animal Scientists - $64,020