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Job Description of a Receptionist

Kundan Pandey
More than being an interface between customers, clients and firms, a receptionist's job includes many other activities. Here is some information about receptionist job description.
Receptionists are the first professionals whom you encounter with, the moment you step in a hotel, hospital or any restaurant. Receptionists are the official representatives of firms and offices. Since receptionists are the face of a company, it's a designation that demands candidates with effective interpersonal skills.

Job Description of a Receptionist

Hospitality forms the main recruiters of receptionists. All the activities and works of a receptionist revolve around welcoming and greeting customers. Receptionists make sure that customers and people visiting the office are comfortable in getting their queries cleared.
With the corporate entities expanding their business globally, skilled receptionists with multilingual skills are in great demand. Big business units realize the crucial importance of excellent receptionists in their office set ups. An integral part of a receptionist's job is effective management of the communication related parts of their profession.
Quick and prompt reply to messages, handling phone calls by following telephone etiquette, greeting customers, offering clients seats and making them comfortable in the office, forms some other parts of the duties.
Some other duties of receptionists include accountability to customers and scheduling their appointments. Receptionists have to inform clients about their appointments and timings, so that there is no problem in managing activities. As receptionists are required in almost every type of businesses, they work for specific sets of duties and responsibilities.

Job of a Medical Receptionist

In hospitals, you will find medical receptionists sitting at counters, ready to answer queries of the visitors. Their duties are-
  • Welcome guests and greet them cheerfully, offer them seats and drinks.
  • Answer calls, note down specific information or record as voice messages, transfer calls to different hospital staff and ensure that no calls go unanswered.
  • Schedule appointments with doctors and answer queries of patients about meeting times of surgeons and expert consultants.
  • Answer all non - medical questions of guests.
  • Guide guests about general location of rooms and various blocks in the building.
  • Maintain medical records and include any suggestions from visitors to improve the services of hospital.

Job of a Hotel Receptionist

Hotels and restaurants require receptionists who are assigned various tasks that are as follows.
  • Inform visiting guests about availability of rooms.
  • Allot rooms and check the identity of the person through valid identity proofs.
  • Greet customers and answer their queries.
  • Maintain records of guests and visitors coming in and going out of the hotel.
  • Offer guests something to drink as per the availability of the resources.

Receptionist Salary Range

Salaries of receptionists depend on the type of professional set up for which the receptionist is working. The salary range of receptionists, per hour in various professions is between US $9 to US $17, as per the data available in April 2020.
In very big business set ups and business enterprises, the receptionist salaries are very good and they also benefit by some perks and remuneration in the forms of bonuses. Receptionists can earn salaries ranging from US $21,000 to US$ 45,000.
To become a receptionist, one does not require some specific educational qualification. However, a high school diploma is a mandatory requirement established by all professional entities.
The USP of a receptionist is excellent communication skill and that is what employers look as an important attribute when choosing candidates during interview process. So, if you are a gifted communicator then being a receptionist can further hone your communication skills and also provide a path to you, for earning some money.
Generally, for students and college grads, part-time or hourly basis receptionist jobs is a good way of improving interpersonal skills. The ability to effectively communicate is undoubtedly the fundamental aspect of receptionist job description.