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Radiology Technician (Tech) Training

Stephen Rampur
For becoming a radiology technician, one has to attend specific trainings that would enable him to carry out his job efficiently...
If you are looking for a job in the medical sector and also need to earn a respectable salary, then a career as a radiology technician may be most suited for you. You would need to go through formal training procedures and take up a few courses that would teach you to manage your responsibilities as a radiology expert.
Radiology technicians, sometimes known as radiographers, are authorized personnel from the health care field who are responsible for carrying out diagnostic image analysis through X-rays.
They are professionals who are well trained in anatomy, assisting the patients for scans and X-rays, diagnostic techniques and methods, medical image equipment protocols, radiation safety and technology, and basic patient care. They may also particularize in imaging procedures like MRI scans, echography, computerized axial tomography, etc.
They have to work together with physicians and nurses regarding the patient's X-Ray or scan reports, and prepare an elaborated report on the imaging results. However, before being responsible for all these obligations, they are required to successfully complete the radiology tech training.
Before carrying out an X-ray or any scan, a technician has to inform the patient about the process, ask him to remove all jewelry or any metal materials from his body, and position him in a proper way to get the expected scan or X-ray results.

Radiology Technician Training

Training duration may vary from a year to around 4 years, depending on your work experience. Several colleges, major hospitals, and vocational educational institutions provide such training courses.
One may even opt for trainings that are being provided by few branches of the military. These trainings meliorate the skills which are needed to effectively handle and operate different equipment of imaging scans or X-rays.
For being eligible to register for a formal training program, one needs at least a high school diploma or any equivalent qualification. These courses and trainings include classroom teaching procedures that cover up wide range of related subjects like patient care; radiation technology, methods, safety, etc.; and physiological and anatomical subjects.
Trainees are also taught about the rules and regulations of imaging technology, medical nomenclatures, pathology studies, and radiobiology.
Such training courses will earn you a certificate, such as an AS degree or a BS degree related to the radiology field. A majority of people who want to become radiology technicians normally prefer the AS degree which is a two-year course.
Professionals who are already working may opt for a one-year certificate program to change jobs or look forward to advanced levels of diagnostic imaging careers. There are some professionals, who in order to better the chances of more income enroll in the two-year AS degree after completing the certificate course.
If one still wants to excel ahead, he may choose the MS degree in the same field. In the USA, the 'American Registry of Radiologic Technologists' is empowered to certify individuals who have successfully completed radiology technical training or the related degree. After completing education, one may apply for being licensed from his respective state.
The job prospects of radiology technicians are certainly on the rise, and the average salary may be in the range of $45,000 - $54,000 annually. So if you are really interested in a medical job and want to become a radiology technician, the first step you need to take is to complete a training course from a reputed institution or college.