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Unbelievably Quick Cash Ideas

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
There are certain situations in life when one encounters emergency cash demands which compels us to look around for quick cash ideas that help us beat the tide.
Virtually everybody is interested in making some extra money besides your regular paycheck. Now, this won't necessarily solve all your financial problems, but will surely help you save for something special or help you get out of debt quickly.
You may not realize it but there are plenty of options to earn on the side, all you need to do is look for a job or activity that suits your needs and matches your ability. Here are some quick cash ideas (all are purely legal ideas!) that will help you make some extra dough. The real essence, though, is to go out and try them before you can make extra money.

Live Art Models

College students can try finding jobs on campus. The art classes always require models for portrait paintings and sculpting. You could earn fair amount of money posing as a live model.
You can even visit a local newspaper photographer and pose as a model for local paper advertisements. Many malls, fast food joints and children parks require people who will wear their mascot dresses and pose with customers. You can try a hand at this and earn some useful cash.

Upcoming Artists

Those who can paint or sketch, can post their art online. You never know which art lover likes one of your work and pays you handsomely. There are many art lovers who would love to bid for your paintings and who knows you turn out to be as famous as Picasso!
If you are never short of using the right words at the correct time, then becoming a freelance copywriter may help you earn some easy money. Many websites pay per-article and help budding authors earn some pocket-money.

Online Bidding

There are many online money earning methods that you can try to earn some bucks. If you have an old collection of classic comics or collectors stamps, you can sell them online to patron bidders. Baseball cards, hats and even bats will earn you some money.
If you have a pair of branded sports shoes in good condition or the pair of yellow pants that you regret buying, sell them online. Many are looking for cheap branded stuff on the web world. The Internet is the best place for making money online.

Delivery Boy/Girl

Another interesting, but little unknown profession is driving new vans, school buses, limousines to the dealers from the manufacturers. You may end up earning a handsome amount per year for selling nothing and get a kick out of being the first one to drive a fresh motor. You may require a chauffeur's license under some state laws.
Your driving record should be clean without any major traffic violation under your name. You even get a paid return trip fare! You can even deliver pizza and other foods ordered at dial-a-meal restaurants. Courier services are always on a look out of delivery boys or girls, who can deliver packages and letters to the correct address without delay.

Food Stands

You can prepare delicious grilled sandwiches and sell these tasty sandwiches near a park or school. This proves to be one of the easiest ways to make money. You can even sell lemonade near your house to quench thirst of children playing in the neighborhood.
Or may be try a hand with hot dog stand near an office or commercial area. People are often hungry after work and will buy your tasty burgers, hotdogs, sandwiches or any other eatables that you sell. But, make sure you follow all the norms for preparing safe and hygienic food.

Mystery Shopper

One of the most interesting and loved professions is becoming a mystery shopper. Mystery shopping involves visiting restaurants, buying clothes, taking exams, checking out service provided by certain service centers, etc. without having to pay a dime from your pocket. You save money on food and can earn free dresses and clothes to adore your beautiful self!

Online Survey

Sign up for sites that offer paid online surveys. Sit in the relaxing seat of your house and just keep clicking at the survey questions. Each click is an easy way to make money. Or you could even sign up for an online job that you can do in your free time.

Donate Plasma

In mood of social service? Then, donate some plasma. This will earn you a savable amount and you'll be helping someone in need.


You can even pawn some of your old junk like jewelry pieces, watches, household items and earn money. Anything that is worth some money, but no longer of any use to you can be sold at a local pawn shop for quick cash.

Odd Jobs

Are you aware that recycling your old cell phone will help you earn money? Isn't this a nice way to contribute towards the environment and an easy way to make money. You can even try mowing lawns, washing cars, and taking the dog for a walk!

Movie Extra

You can even try becoming an extra in a movie shoot. Extras who are members of the union earn more than double the amount for 8 hours of work than non-members earn per day.
You can try your luck in the Tinseltown and who knows you are spotted by a director who makes you the next superstar!

Local Handyman

If you have some hidden talent like carpentry, plumbing, embroidery, knitting, baby-sitting, etc., then use it to earn some easy cash.
There are many people who are in need of such skilled labor to help them around their house. Your hobby or talent will help you find an easy way to make money. You can even provide tuition to children for maths or give guitar lessons to earn some quick cash.


Photography, that may be just an old hobby, but it can be used to click photographs of tourists or young couples. This will help you earn some quick money. Another option is selling your photographs online or becoming a freelance photographer for magazine or newspaper.

Pet Sitter

You could become a pet sitter, i.e., take care of pets when their owners can't. Many people wish to go for a holiday, but are afraid leave their pets behind. You could take their pet's responsibly till their return. This will help you earn some cash and have fun, if you are an animal lover.

Sperm Donors

Men can donate their sperms to sperm banks. However, you may have to remain committed to the bank for a few months, in some cases. It won't hurt you a bit and will help you earn some quick cash. Another plus point is that you may help someone conceive a baby and start a family.

Sell Scrap

Those who are desperate and have no option of earning cash, can try selling scrap. You can find old cans, nuts, bolts and other scrap metal pieces and sell them for cash. If you live near a beach, grab a metal detector and start looking for coins and other metal objects under the sand. One can earn quite a handful of money per week, by selling metal scrap.
Open your eyes wide, opportunity maybe lurking right under your nose! If you have a clutter of things in your basement, throw open a garage sale, another quick cash idea! There is no drought of work or ways to earn some money.
Always keep in mind there is no job that is either small or big. Keep an open mind and do your job with honesty. These legitimate cash ideas won't make you a millionaire overnight. But it will sure keep your integrity and self-respect alive.