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Qualifications for Becoming a Travel Agent

Stephen Rampur
Becoming a travel agent is an easy job, but you certainly need to have good general knowledge and communication skills for being successful.
To become a travel agent, there are several prerequisites one should possess, like good understanding of the world's geography and better convincing and communication skills.
Nowadays, people are making use of the Internet to get information about travel and vacations, rather than approaching agents, and this is slowly lessening the demand for these professionals. As a result, it is getting hard to get jobs in this field. However, if you follow the correct steps, you can easily become well-known and make your business profitable.

The Prerequisites and Qualifications

There are no high-demanding qualifications required for this profession, but a high school diploma is necessary. However, there are some agencies which may employ agents by their previous work experience in the same or related field.
There are even companies which give employment to candidates, who they think can be successful, without considering their educational requirements. But few reputed agencies will stick to their requirements of a candidate having the specific educational qualifications or equal work experience.
It's a good option to know a foreign language; such as German, Japanese, French, etc. A good proficiency and fluency in English is obviously necessary. The more languages you are well versed with, the better are your chances of becoming successful.
Try to gain knowledge regarding several countries, their languages, cultures, famous tourist destinations and events, weather conditions, country obligations, and largely how the travel world operates.
You may also take up a short computer course to get acquainted with the computer and Internet technology, as present businesses are mostly operated online. Moreover, there are some online agents who are doing well in this business.
You also have an alternative of taking up a related course from a university, which would help you in becoming a travel agent. If there are no colleges or universities in your locality which offer such courses, you may select an online course offered by them.
After completion of such courses, you need to seek employment in a small travel company, which would enable you to gain some experience regarding how the travel agencies work. Some people pursue a bachelor's degree in the related field while working with a travel agency.
When you have gained a considerable amount of experience and knowledge, you may think of opening your own business. If you're in the US, you may need to register with the respective state authorities before commencing a travel business. Building a reputed business will take some time for sure.
For being an effective and well-trusted travel agent, one must necessarily have the required knowledge, educational qualifications, work experience, and most importantly, people skills. He should also have a thorough knowledge of the world's standard of living, current market conditions, legal rules and regulations, and business-making tactics.