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Publicist Job Description

Scholasticus K
An indispensable link between the press and glamor world is a publicist. Here is a brief insight into the nature of the job of these professionals and the wide variety of tasks that they have to handle.
A publicist is typically a person who maintains contact between his clients and the press. This job is quite important due to the fact that he/she represents his clients and passes on the truth to the mass media.
In many newspapers and magazines, you might have come across some write-ups such as "a close associate/friend/source of the actor, XYZ, confirmed that he/she is dating ABC." The 'close source' is often the publicist. Celebrities as well as many companies hire them to market their products and projects through the press in the right manner.
Thus, their basic duty is to ensure that the press is given the right information in the right manner. The information is also framed in such a manner that it promotes the image of the client.
Even during press releases, if the client of the publicist makes a blunder while giving his/her speech, the latter can easily set it right if he has a warm relationship with the press. These professionals are also present during important occasions such as award ceremonies, face-to-face interviews, social parties, and press releases.
During these events, they guide the members of the press. For example, facts such as some actress wearing a really expensive necklace that has been gifted to her by her boyfriend are supplied by the publicist.
Most of these professionals are hired by celebrities to complete tasks like supplying information, promoting their image and popularity, and have perfect pictures taken by the press. There are also some of them who work for the corporate world.
Companies often promote their image with the help of such professionals. Facts about the company such as turnover, philanthropy, eco-friendly measures adopted, and new mega projects are supplied to the press through them.

The job responsibilities differ according to their clients and industry.


The world of fashion heavily relies upon the services of publicists. Setting up photo shoots, coverage sessions, and arranging interviews are the most important tasks of these professionals. Disclosing appropriate facts and updating the press about the fashion world are some of their main responsibilities.


One of the most important tasks of a music publicist is to arrange sufficient press coverage for a musician's concert. Apart from such coverage, he often maintains the musician's website and the tour publicity. Release of music albums and their promotion are other important tasks that are managed by these professionals.


A book publicist has an important job of arranging different book signing and photo shoot sessions. A very important task of such professionals is getting positive one-line comments about the book from famous people and media companies. They also work hard to get some positive reviews about the book in newspapers and magazines.


Entertainment publicists often have the job responsibilities that are quite similar to those working in the fashion industry. Getting positive reviews about movies, and arranging photo shoots and interviews are some of the important tasks. Out of all the discussed profiles, this one is considered to be the toughest.
If you are planning to start a career in this field, then check out any public relations agency's website and also research about it online. It is a great career option, but as in any other job, there is a lot of hard work involved.