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Information about Public Speaking Jobs

Geeta Dhavale
Public speaking is an interesting field to work in. Keep reading to understand its prerequisites and other details.
With increased openings for public speaking jobs, you stand a chance to be one of the best professional public speaker and fetch a good amount of money as well. Most of the reputed companies, organizations, celebrities, and political parties need speakers who can present their point of view with conviction.
As someone rightly said, "The best speaker is the one who gets the listeners into action", which means that an effective speaker, by his enchanting words, gets the audience to follow him and believe in what he says.
It is quite challenging to find such a job as it generally does not demand a person with high qualification but a person with a command on language and other public speaking skills.

How to Find such Jobs?

You need patience till you get established as a professional public speaker. The very first step in getting into this field is having the passion for the job. Once you are sure of it, you need to choose your niche or a particular field you are interested in.
You also need to decide upon one or few of the subjects you are interested in such as IT, Business, Law, etc., and then contact the related organization. It is advisable to start as a volunteer with small companies or nonprofit organizations, so that you get exposure and learn the basics. 
You can also consider participating in various public speaking activities to get recognition. Once your talent is recognized, people will slowly start approaching you and some may even recommend you to an organization they know.
Simultaneously, you can also start building contacts with relevant organizations and individuals who are likely to give you an opportunity. You should also learn to market your skills, record all your works and preserve them or upload the videos and photographs of assignments on various social networking sites.
There are various academic institutions that offer courses and provide you with many exercises in this arena. Enroll yourself in one of those. It will help you to brush up the skills and improve the knowledge, and you may get an opportunity to meet the people from this industry. 
Once you start getting a decent pay for each presentation, you can consider making DVDs, booklets, and merchandise of your work. In addition, you can choose to become a freelancer and can also find some lucrative jobs on the Internet.

Required Skills

To make a mark in such a career, you must have a big bundle of skills such as good communication and presentation skills, confidence, an ability to put your thoughts in precise manner, presence of mind, etc. Apart from this, the most important and obvious quality is to get over the anxiety of public speaking. 
Given here are some of the techniques, that would help you become a successful speaker.
  • Knowing the topic well
  • Logical organization of the ideas
  • Including humor in speeches
  • Using crisp and catchy language
  • Keeping the talk short and simple
  • Having a friendly, comfortable, yet confident body language
  • Connecting with the audience and involving them in the discussion
  • Seeking the feedback and improving upon the shortcomings
  • Being ready and alert to handle impromptu moments
  • Being humble and listening to the critics carefully
The given tips will help you make your talk effective, interesting, and would leave an impressive mark in the minds of audience.
One of the famous self-explanatory public speaking quotes by Alexander Gregg says, "There are three things to aim at in public speaking: first, to get into your subject; then to get your subject into yourself; and lastly, to get your subject into the hearts of your audience."