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Psychology Jobs with a Bachelor's Degree

Rashida Khilawala
If you think that someone with a Bachelor's degree in psychology has limited options, think again ... or you could just keep reading..
Psychology is a science that has no definite definition. It merely equips one with knowledge on the working of human mind. How one puts that knowledge to use is a personal choice. The salary range for jobs associated with psychology does not depend on the degree per se, but on how one applies the knowledge they have gained in different fields of psychology.

Job Options with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology

Personal Counselor

This is one of the most well-known and common jobs with a psychology degree. It basically requires the psychologist to be a confidante to his patients and help them by hearing out their problems and giving them solutions.

Child Counselor

Children are not as simple as they may seem. With the times changing rapidly and the fast paced changes in general life styles, children also face quite a few psychological issues that parents fail to understand.
A child psychologist helps understand the ordeal that the child is undergoing by understanding the psychology of children and treats it.

Corporate Counselor

A corporate counselor is often the in-house counselor of a certain organization. This counselor works as a personal counselor for the employees of the organization. Hence, helping them avoid personal problems, which could hamper productivity, is his key responsibility.

Personnel Administrator

A personnel administrator is the one who assists the Human Resource department in handling employee recruitment, appreciations, appraisals, and performance incentives. This individual needs to understand the employees and their psyches.

Public Relations Officer

A public relations officer is the face of an organizations. A PRO is the representative of the organization for the external parties. This job with a degree in psychology requires a person to be well-versed with the human psyche and know how to use it to the company's advantage.

Psychiatric Assistant

This is a slightly medical related job. A psychiatric assistant helps the psychiatrist in supervision and routine testing.

Public Statistician

A public statistician is one who interprets the data collected on health and other lifestyle related issues. They help understand and derive results out of surveys, analysis, checks, etc. They also help forecast the effects of the prevailing circumstances.


It would be needless to remind that journalist is one of the best jobs taken up by someone with a psychology degree. A journalist not only needs to understand the events, but the impact of those events on the people. Accordingly, the journalist can bring more "sense" in the news.


Any one who has watched Sex And The City would know that the job of a columnist requires one to understand people and the way they think. This way a columnist can make the column more appealing to the reader, as well as help the readers solve their problems.

Radio Counselor

My first paragraph is reason enough for anyone to know why the job of a radio counselor is brilliant for someone with a Bachelor's Degree. A psychologist can be of great help to people with the help of his 'live' solutions.
A psychologist has an ability to understand a person better than their own kin. It is a noble and respectable career option and thus such jobs are worth taking up.