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List of Careers in Psychology

Shashank Nakate
List of careers in psychology presented in this article should prove to be a good source of information for students as well as teachers.
There are many careers that one could pursue in the field of psychology. Studying the brain-behavior and environment-behavior relationships is the main job of psychologists. Psychology is divided into many different branches. One can learn about a variety of subjects through the study of this subject. Therefore, careers in psychology too are large in number. List of careers in psychology and various career paths mentioned below is just a broad classification of innumerable sub-fields of this discipline.

Career Prospects in Psychology

The different careers in the field of psychology are explained one by one.
  • Child Psychologist: Problems related to physical, mental, emotional and social development of children are studied in this branch of psychology. This study helps understand the process of growth & decline of humans and origin of certain behaviors.
  • Clinical Psychologist: Emotional and mental disorders of individuals are diagnosed and evaluated by clinical psychologists. Appropriate treatment programs for patients are administered by these specialists.
  • Comparative Psychologist: Work of a comparative psychologist is to plan and design different experiments to carry out the study of psychology. These professionals also do the work of analyzing results obtained from experiments.
  • Counseling Psychologist: The counseling psychologists offer guidance to individuals or groups in universities, schools, colleges, rehabilitation centers, etc. Counseling is provided in order to bring about social, personal, vocational and educational development of individuals.
  • Developmental Psychologist: The job of a developmental psychologist is similar to that of child psychologist; changes that occur in mental and emotional states of a person in the developmental stages are studied by these professionals.
  • Educational Psychologist: An educational psychologist is a professional who tries to investigate the process of teaching and learning so as to develop techniques and psychological principles related to educational problems. The whole idea behind this practice is to foster social, intellectual and emotional development of individuals.
  • Engineering Psychologist: Job of an engineering psychologist is to bring about optimum efficiency in the capability of humans. This is done by relating psychological principles of their behavior to the design, characteristics and use of systems and environment in which they (human beings) operate.
  • Experimental Psychologist: Problems in the field of psychology are studied by planning & designing experiments and analyzing their results. Those problems related to memory perception, personality, and other cognitive processes are understood through formulation of hypothesis and experimental designs.
  • Industrial Psychologist: An industrial psychologist makes use of psychological techniques to solve problems related to management, personnel administration and marketing.
  • School Psychologist: A school psychologist does the work of understanding the needs of children with special needs, average kids and also the gifted lot; these professionals also play an important role in implementing programs for the development of children.
  • Social Psychologist: Investigating human interrelationships in order to understand individual and group thought is the main job of social psychologists. Techniques such as observation of behaviors, experimentation and surveying are used in understanding human interrelationships.
List of psychology careers presented in the article covers as many different options as possible. However, given the vast nature of the subject of psychology, it is impossible to explain about all careers in this field.