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Proposal Writer Job Description

Rahul Pandita
As the title suggests, proposal writers are entrusted to prepare proposals that highlight what an organization has to offer to its potential clients. In this article, we will know more about proposal writer job description besides taking a look at their employment outlook and average salaries.
Proposal writers are employed in government and private organizations and are responsible for writing business proposals to convince clients to associate with the organization. They are required to write appealing content to gain clients for the organization. A proposal writer should have good written skills, with an ability to present the strengths of his company in the best possible way.
As far as the educational qualifications are concerned, there is no specific degree or course that makes someone a 'proposal writer'. Aspiring individuals learn the intricacies of proposal writing by working under established professionals.
All employers require a bachelor degree to start with, preferably in Arts or journalism. Aspiring candidates can also complete certification courses in proposal and grant writing to further hone their skills.
Organizations invite bids from various suppliers and the process is initiated by requesting written proposals. These proposals are known as Request For Information (RFI) or Request For Quotations (RFQ).
Proposal writers have to ensure that they present information to clients in an elaborate manner, enlisting the strengths of the company and making it a strong contender for getting the contract.
Writing an impeccable proposal letter takes careful analysis and detailed knowledge of the company's plans and strategies which require proposal writers to work closely with concerned department heads. Proposal writers have to comprehend data and statistics and pen it down in a concise manner to help clients get an overview of the company.
Most of the proposals have a time-frame which needs to be adhered to and because of this proposal writers need to work under pressure situations and meet deadlines. Proposal writers working with organizations which seek grants from government or private organizations are known as grant writers.
Grant writers specialize in writing proposals to grant money. Grant writers, in some organizations are also entrusted to research organizations which offers grant money to charitable organizations, making excellent research skills and persuasive writing some of the pre-requisites in this field.

Employment Outlook and Salary

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected that the employment opportunities for proposal writers would grow about as fast as average (7-13% increase). It has also projected that the writing and editing industry will witness tremendous competition as a lot of people view it as a stable career option.
As proposal writing is a diverse field with various specialties, the average salary of proposal writers depends on the organization they are working with and their job profile.
Washington is the best city to work for proposal writers, followed by New York, Chicago and Houston. As far as the state wise list is concerned, California leads the list, followed by New York and Texas. Experienced proposal writers get numerous advancement opportunities, including promotions and other benefits.
Proposal writers work in high-pressure environment, the job requiring them to be at their creative best while meeting deadlines at the same time. They are responsible for ensuring that their employers are able to beat the competition and grab deals, grants, contracts, etc. If writing is your hobby and you want to make a living out of it, then proposal writing can be an exciting career option for you.