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Promotions Manager Job Description

Kundan Pandey
Promotions managers are involved in numerous activities that are directed towards the objectives of increasing sales of a product. Here, we will discuss the duties, responsibilities, and educational qualifications required for becoming one.
Managerial positions are mainly concerned with various tasks that involve administrative duties and timely achievement of allotted targets. Promotions managers are professionals who are entrusted with the job of looking after the sales aspect of a firm.
After a product is launched in the market or just before its launch, they work to make the product a grand success. The job involves duties and responsibilities that revolve around various advertising and marketing features of the product.

Job Description

Promotions managers are a part of almost every industry. They are experts in promoting and launching products, and understand the finer dimensions of advertising and marketing plans. They are also closely related to various other positions like advertising manager, PR managers, sales managers, and brand managers.
These job positions may include different duties and responsibilities. However, all of them aim at increasing the sales of a product through efficient use of available resources. As the designation suggests, these professionals promote new products in the market using various marketing tools and by working in tandem with other professionals like ad managers.
Their responsibilities also include planning, coordinating, and implementing marketing strategies. Organizing giveaways, contests, samples, coupons, and reward programs form some of the duties that play a key role in promoting the product or service.
Effective use of media and communication tools to increase the sales of a product, is one of their classic strategies. Moreover, they also have to ensure that product campaigns are launched or promoted through radio ads, television spots, newspaper circulars, Internet ads, social media websites, and corporate events.

Educational Qualifications

Since this profession is all about marketing and business, employers expect promotions managers to be graduates or postgraduates in business administration or similar subjects.
Preference is given to candidates with relevant work experience and a degree in the marketing field. Even candidates having suitable work experience in fields like advertising, finance, psychology, and writing stand a good chance to gain entry into this profession.
An inherent desire and interest in advertising and marketing is certainly a positive parameter for an aspirant who aims to get a job in this field. Working as interns provides candidates with exposure to the prospects of this job, and makes them aware of the technicalities involved.
A good knowledge of computers is necessary, as sales presentations and various other tasks are unimaginable without effective use of technology.
The job demands various interpersonal skills. Excellent communication skills, confidence, analytical and problem solving skills, good judgment skills, and multitasking abilities are some of the most important prerequisites to qualify for this job.
The career opportunities in this field have increased over the years as the businesses have grown, leading to expansion of advertising and marketing jobs. The career development path in this field offers excellent growth opportunities, and after few years of work experience, you can aspire to become advertising managers or move into other creative aspects.