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Project Coordinator Job Description

Rohan Bhalerao
A project coordinator has to undertake a variety of coordinating duties and responsibilities. Read on to know more about this job profile.
As the name suggests, the project coordinator's job involves coordination and management of all aspects of the designated project. The personal target is not something that is specified exclusively. The crux of the job lies in taking all the people involved in the project together and successfully ensuring that the project's primary goal is achieved.
It is about collective work rather than individual work. A project coordinator binds the individuals together and makes sure it results in collective success. Before proceeding to see in detail the job description, let us see the qualification and experience required for this job.

Qualification and Experience

A bachelor's degree is a must for this job. It is the basic qualification required. If the person has a post graduation degree in business administration, it will surely act as an added advantage, not just for the job interview but also with regards to salary expectations. Most companies prefer people with a prior experience of about one to three years.
Along with these qualifications, this job involves a lot of interaction with people from directorial positions to workers. So, a person seeking this job should have excellent communication and inter-personal skills as well.

Job Duties of Project Coordinators

  • The main duty is to lead and manage the projects effectively and to ensure they are delivered on time, on budget, and to the agreed quality standards.
  • Duties of a coordinator include managing standards, procedures and practices of record-keeping of all the agreements and contracts of the company.
  • Since there are multiple aspects in a project on which work is going on, it is the duty of a project coordinator to be a member of all teams and participate actively in the working of all.
  • Team-building and ensuring the work is properly organized comes under his purview.
  • He primarily acts as an assistant of the project manager or director. The job duties in different fields are enlisted here.

IT Project Coordinator

  • His responsibilities include supporting multiple software development projects and teams in their duties, tasks, responsibilities, and functions.
  • He monitors adherence to software development processes and works with cross functional teams of end users, technology development, and quality assurance to produce goal and target specifications, and solves any conflicts that arise.
  • He has to check for information uncertainty, changes on short notice, surprise developments, and an ever-changing environment.
  • He maintains an appropriate relationship with internal business partners to ensure that the project results are understood by the end users, business partners, and others interested in the project.
  • He develops and maintains technical and project documentation and support user acceptance testing and training.

Marketing Project Coordinator

  • This job involves coordinating the marketing activities of the company, so he needs a basic understanding of the marketing techniques, and should have an innate quality of being creative, to come up with innovative ideas to market the company's products.
  • He should have the ability to design a market plan capable of impacting the desired consumer base, and see to it that his plan is implemented with the designated budgetary constraint.
  • His responsibilities include the supervision of production and implementation of marketing materials, and executing all the marketing activities like advertisements, trade shows, press releases, promotions through effective public relations, and customer communication.
  • He should study the impact of marketing plans and give a periodic review of the acquired results to the project director and company's management.
  • He should understand the latest technologies, and be creative enough to apply them in the marketing area.

Construction Project Coordinator

  • This job is a challenging one, given the dynamic work schedule and changing work environment.
  • The coordinator needs to juggle between and manage both the official work and the construction site work.
  • He coordinates the construction efforts through in-house and contract labor for new construction and rebuilding projects.
  • He is also responsible for construction personnel safety and the quality of work performed.
  • He acts as a medium between contractors, workers, and senior project managers.
  • He carries out the inspection of construction site and material, keeps a tab on the documentation, generates and updates the project files and reports.
  • He also needs to supervise and control all the financial aspects, contracts, and agreements relating to the multiple construction activities.
Thus, a project coordinator's job is all about identifying and pursuing opportunities that are suitable for the projects he is working on. The average annual pay of project coordinators in USA is around US $48,372 based on job location, qualifications and experience.
The growth opportunities in this job are enormous with experienced coordinators getting promoted to the positions of project manager and senior project director. The diverse roles and responsibilities in this job provide bright prospects for a successful career!