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Programmer Analyst Job Description

Kundan Pandey
A programmer analyst entails various activities related to software development for a technical firm. Read more for the job description of this profile.
If you are in love with computer programming, the scope of career opportunities in the field of IT jobs is immense.
Hailed to be one of the fastest growing sectors in the last two decades, job openings in fields related to information technology have sky rocketed in the last few years, not to mention the competition that has equally increased tremendously.
One of the lucrative and decently paid IT jobs is that of programmer analyst.

Job Description

  • Hailed to be typical information technology professionals, a programmer analyst deals with software development for clients.
  • Outsourcing software development is a very popular trend in developed countries. The programmer analyst collects and researches data about software performance, and works to improve its efficiency.
  • He has to be a good team player for facilitating training at an individual and team level or for explaining projects to clients.
  • More than being a computer geek, he must have the ability to handle tasks like a project manager that demands some skills of management.
  • He is also entitled to lead the team in such a way that all targets and objectives are met within the stipulated time.
  • He has to design and suggest innovative changes in application systems.
  • He has to perform various tasks associated with application programming.
  • He has to develop efficiency in the design and maintenance of database resources besides managing various database management tasks.
  • He performs all work related to application analysis, design and programming.
  • He has to work towards understanding and modifying operating interrelationships between business applications and operating systems.
  • He has to develop reports for suggesting designs for meeting network system requirements and selecting alternative measures to develop better security technologies.
  • He has to develop, understand and improve operational and installation procedures for a wide range of requirements, like communication systems, hardware, network, security, and software storage.
The job responsibilities of programmer analysts are not restricted to just few of those as mentioned here, instead depending on the software firm requirements and technicality of a project, there can be various other sets of duties too.

Educational Requirements

Three years bachelor's degree in computer science or related field is the primary requirement for being a programmer analyst. Besides that, an in depth knowledge of various programming languages like Oracle, SQL, MySQL, .NET, Java, etc., are mandatory to get decent jobs.
Besides educational requirements, candidates must have very good communication skills, must be team players and have multitasking abilities. A sense of integration and honesty when working on proprietary software are essential traits that must be an integral part of programmer analyst's personality.


  • It depends on the work experience, job location, and level of educational qualification.
  • They can earn anywhere between USD 46,000 to USD 95,500 depending on the type of employer they are working with.
  • Big software companies having a global presence generally pay the highest.
  • Since the software industry has been the biggest tool for global interaction of businesses and human resources in the last decades, a career in this field is full of growth opportunities.
Students aspiring to be computer engineers have a good option to work as a programmer analyst. With software and hardware becoming more technical and innovative in design and development, the job is certainly going to be more challenging with every passing day. Mobilizing your efforts in the right area will eventually lead you to your goals! All the best!