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Production Manager Job Description

Kundan Pandey
The job of a production manager entails monitoring and managing efficiency of the company production in terms of quality and quantity. Read to know more about the job description of a production manager.
If you have ever visited a chemical factory for a college tour, you may have noticed one personnel of the factory leading all of you on a tour to the chemical plant and answering all your queries.
You may have been amused as to how he/she knew every nook and corner of the chemical plant and flawlessly explained the procedures and important information about the chemicals used. This person is the production manager who is the most important person when it comes to the planning and coordination of the production of the firm.

Job Duties

The term 'production' is mostly linked to engineering industries and factories. Production managers manage, coordinate, plan, and successfully execute the production plan, so that productivity of the firm increases and production targets are met in time.
No doubt that production managers are the key people who have the responsibility of overseeing the production process, managing the budget, ensuring the supply of raw materials, and monitoring the quality of the products. Another dimension of their job is that he/she is responsible for the effective management of the human resources and material resources.
During the manufacturing of any product, rather than just one department, all the departments play a role in its development and manufacturing process. A production manager ensures lucid collaboration between various departments and leaves no communication gap among the teams.
He/she also appoints teams to analyze the quality of the products so that in the quest to reach targets, quality of the product doesn't deteriorate. He can decide about the purchase of the equipment and the instruments for a firm, if they need replacement.
He/she is also involved in all the stages of production. Be it the pre-planning stage or the stage of production control and evaluation of the plans.

Educational Requirements

Even if there are no educational constraints for the job of production managers, a bachelor's degree is expected in most cases. The managers who have specialized in business administration have increased chances of getting jobs.
Industrial management courses are for those who have worked some years as apprentices. They can learn more about production management and upgrade their skills. Some supervisors are promoted to production managers or other such designations in the firm. This, however, demands a long work experience and you must prove to be a beneficial employee to the firm.

Average Salary

The salary generally depends on various factors like work experience, educational degree, location, type of projects, and the employer type. According to the latest reports, the starting salaries can be around US$41,200 per year. Besides that, salaries can go as high as US$101,306 with your hard work, commitment and experience.
A production manager's work can be called 'mixed bag' of various responsibilities. It is an extremely challenging profession as they always have to be on their toes to maintain the efficiency of the firm. A production manager who remains in the industry for a long time gets several opportunities to play larger roles because of the experience he/she garners.