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Preschool Teacher Job Description

Charlie S
Read here about the job description of preschool teachers and their average salary.
Teaching preschool kids is indeed a very challenging task. The job of a preschool teacher involves training kids to become successful leaders of tomorrow.
The demand for preschool teachers has always been great and this trend is expected to continue in the years to come. Good demand means high salaries and enviable perks and incentives. Hence, their salaries are bound to increase with the passage of time.

Job Description

The most important aspect of the job of a preschool teachers is to make kids socialize and interact with each other. This is extremely essential to help them learn their subjects fast, when they join school.
Understanding the feelings and emotions of kids is very necessary for preschool teachers. They can encourage kids to play indoor games which can develop their aptitude.
They analyze and study performance and behavior of each and every child in their classroom and identify their strengths and weaknesses. They chalk out strategies to help these kids overcome their weaknesses.
The job also involves discussing the performance of kids and their response to the things taught in classrooms with senior school teachers. Preschool teachers also implement suggestions given by their seniors to prepare the kids to face future challenges. They interact with parents of the kids to enhance learning process of the kids.

Educational Requirements

A preschool teacher should be a graduate from a reputed university. He/she should have a sound educational track record right from school onwards. Experience of working in schools as a preschool teacher will prove to be useful while applying for coveted jobs.
In most of the cases, graduates from any field can take up this job, by obtaining necessary certifications and clearing the tests meant for teachers. Teachers with postgraduate degrees and doctorates will definitely receive first preference in the process of recruitment.
Apart from educational qualifications, the attitude of these teachers towards their job also matters when it comes to becoming a successful preschool teacher. They should love to interact and spend time with kids. They should have the ability to understand small kids and should find teaching them a pleasure, and not a burden.
Patience and perseverance are the keys for achieving success in this particular field. A positive attitude, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, calm nature, kindness and readiness to employ new teaching methods and discovering the same are all essentials for this job.


Salary of preschool teachers depends on their skills, educational qualifications, years of experience, organization for which they work and location of work. Those working for reputed private schools in metropolitan cities will naturally earn more than their counterparts working in rural areas.
The salary of a preschool teacher with around two years of experience can be around $19,343 - $38,805 per year. Those with around five years of experience can earn around $20,000 - $41,000 per year. With more than ten years of experience, it is possible for them to earn around $43,000 per year.
The responsibilities of teachers are many. Preschool teachers have to be very dedicated and focused to do well in this career. So, hoping that you have enough information now. All the best for your career!