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Popular Career Options for Coders

Kevin Gardner
If you’re struggling to determine which type of career would suit you best, it’s important to plan carefully and do your research. Check out these potential career paths for aspiring coders to help you get started on your journey.
If you’re a skilled coder, there are plenty of opportunities for you to make a living from your craft. In the coding world, you can display your skills in a wide variety of positions, from a software engineer to a mobile developer. However, all of the options that are available to you may seem overwhelming.

Software Engineer

If you prefer to have a traditional role as a professional coder, you may want to consider becoming a software engineer. This is a popular choice for coders, as it allows you to display a wide array of programming skills.
Most software engineering roles require you to understand widely known programming languages such as JavaScript and Ruby, as well as common markup languages like HTML. In addition to knowing code, you’ll be expected to understand the process of designing and managing products in order to improve software.

Computer Systems Analyst

What sets a computer systems analyst apart from other coding jobs is that it involves working with businesses. If you enjoy helping companies succeed, you may thrive as a computer systems analyst. In this role, you find effective ways to combine a company’s business initiatives with IT solutions in an effort to meet the different needs of the company.
While catering to the business’s needs, you may evaluate different computer network systems and come up with new ideas and solutions. Your work can help businesses make meaningful progress and embrace technology in new ways.

Product Manager

While a product manager may not seem applicable to the coding world, this role is highly relevant for computer experts who are new to the job market. As a product manager with coding knowledge, you can better serve the teams you work with.
For example, if you have a software developer on your team, you can directly cater to his or her needs by putting your understanding of code to good use. While casual coders may only have a few pieces of information to offer here and there, you can impress your whole team with your breadth of knowledge of coding mechanics.

Data Scientist

If your approach to coding is more technical, you can benefit from becoming a data scientist. This role often requires you to have a vast knowledge of the ins and outs of coding, making it a perfect position for advanced coders.
Data scientists extract meaningful information from different types of data by combining coding, software engineering, data visualization and statistical analysis. Through these methods, they can analyze and predict customer habits and uncover solutions to problems. If you know everything from C++ to inspect element, you may find success as a data scientist.

Mobile Developer

This role is ideal for aspiring coders who enjoy working with mobile apps. Skilled coders who wish to become mobile developers have a lot of potential for growth and progress, as there are new apps being released all the time. However, this also means that there is a lot of competition.
Mobile developers should come up with ideas that are unique in some way and that aim to address the needs of consumers. Whether you create a fitness tracking app or an app that helps users organize their hectic schedules, your goal should be to create something of value that your users can relate to and benefit from in their daily lives.

Find Your Own Path as a Professional Coder

There is no shortage of professional roles for coders who aim to build successful careers. When finding the job that is right for you, remember to keep your strengths and weaknesses in mind and do what you truly love. After all, the best coding career is one that allows you to enjoy your craft while making a difference.