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Police Academy Requirements

Stephen Rampur
Police academy requirements vary from state to state, but there are certain conditions that have to be met throughout police academies of the country...
A police academy is a training school, also known as a law enforcement academy, which trains police recruits for being able to perform on actual live jobs. It is a place where the individual gets to know much about what they are supposed to do to eliminate crime from society and how they are supposed to do so.

Getting into the Police Academy

Getting into the Police Academy

To become a police officer, you necessarily have to go through the training and assignments that are administered by your respective state's police academy. Each state has its own academy, which is administered at a federal level.
If you are planning to become a police officer, you need to note that each state has its own entry requirements for gaining admission. The requirements are open to common people and are not confidential.
You also need to remember that there are few states which allow open and direct enrollment into their police academies. On the other hand, some states might require cadets to be recruited by the police department first, before being able to attend the academy.

Police Academy Requirements

Age and Nationality

For getting into a police academy, you need to be at least 18 years of age, and obligatory have US citizenship. Generally, few academies may suggest you that you complete your associate or bachelor's degree before applying.

Spotless Background

Before gaining admission, you will have to clear a criminal background check. This check usually involves a detailed analysis of general records such as fingerprint, criminal, financial, and employment. The academy makes sure that the person to be recruited has a clear character and behavior.

Mental Assessments

You'll have to undergo a psychological examination for the academy to make sure you are mentally stable. Some police academies may ask you to sit for a written assessment to determine cognitive skills, decision-making capability, reading comprehension skills, and reasoning ability. You may have to take a personality test for proving your emotional stability.

Physical Abilities

It is apparent that police officer jobs inevitably require physical work. Therefore, you need show a good level of physical fitness. You have to sit for a physical aptitude assessment which consists of a check on strength, stamina, flexibility, and endurance. Physical fitness is no doubt one of the most prominent requirements.

Basic Educational Requirements

Some people think that there are no such educational requirements for gaining admission in a police academy. Nevertheless, there are certain minimum requirements with regards to the education of the applicant.
A GED, high school diploma or an equivalent qualification is mandatory; however, it is always better to possess an associate or a bachelor's degree. Some states may have a mandatory condition of having an associate or a bachelor's degree.
These are the general police academy requirements that are applicable to all states. In order to obtain clear and precise information regarding the requirements, it is recommended to get in touch with your state's academy or department.