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Plumber Job Description

Charlie S
The aim of this Story is to explain the job description, duties, and responsibilities of a plumber in detail.
A plumber is a worker who uses specialized tools to carry out the maintenance and repair work of the water system, to keep homes and businesses running smoothly. There are usually employed with plumbing companies, educational institutions, and industries. Some of them are also self-employed.

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Duties and Responsibilities

The job description of a plumber mainly consists of maintaining and repairing the pipes which provide water to the residential buildings, commercial offices, recreational areas, and other facilities.
They find out if there is any kind of leakage or damage to the pipes, and repair it by using their skills acquired over time. They are aware of the standard rules and regulations for fixtures, and they ensure that they are being followed while they work on any problem.
The equipment for water treatment and heaters are repaired and maintained by them. They have to prepare a well-designed layout plan for the plumbing of a particular building, and this is done by studying the building plan. They make use of clamps, screws, cement, solvents, and welding instruments for doing the task of assembling the pipes.
The pipes are required in different angles, and hence, they use their skills to cut and bend them as per the requirements. They may also be required to know how to cut a PVC pipe while installing it.
In order to understand the size of the pipes required to complete an installation, they carefully study the blueprints available to them. Toilets and bathtubs are some of the fixtures which are installed by these professionals.
They are mostly in demand at the time of building construction. Installing the drainage and sewage system and maintaining it, is also included in their duties.
A plumber can work efficiently and complete the tasks assigned to him in time, only if he is trained and knows the basics of his job well. In order to acquire the skills, a candidate should have at least a high school diploma. Specialized training is provided through trade schools, community colleges, and on-the-job apprenticeships.
In order to work as an independent professional, they have to obtain a license from the state, after clearing a test on trade knowledge and gaining at least two years of relevant experience.


The salary for plumbers depends on various factors such as the specialty, work experience, and the location of work. According to job market sources, the average salary is around USD 40,000 per year.
With a good amount of experience, they can certainly earn more than this average. The ones working for large organizations in major cities earn more than those working in rural areas and for smaller companies.
One should remember that the job of a plumber requires a lot of hard work and physical stamina. Besides, the ability to work in a variety of environments and irregular working hours is also a basic requirement of this profession.