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Plastic Surgeon Job Description

Kundan Pandey
Plastic surgery is a big industry in the healthcare sector. The need for efficient surgeons has been increasing in the past couple of years. Let us know more about this job profile, in this story.
Plastic surgery is a gift of advanced medical technology. By opting for this surgical procedure, people have been able to reconstruct their bodies in the desired shape. The specialized surgery field has seen an exponential growth in demand, in the past couple of decades. Initially, the procedures were very expensive and only celebrities could benefit from the process. Though it is still one of the most expensive medical treatment options, prices have dropped in the past few years.

Job Description, Educational Requirements, and Salary Range

The job of a cosmetic surgeon includes a plethora of activities. Most of the time, they are expected to perform a reconstructive surgery. The biggest benefit of going under the knife is for people who have met with unfortunate accidents and have been injured badly, leading to deformation in body parts.
Becoming a plastic surgeon is a lucrative career option, besides being very challenging. It demands long hours of work and complete focus on the person you're attending. There is no scope for error in this profession. Earlier, these surgeons were only involved in reconstructive surgeries, but now they perform a wide range of cosmetic procedures.
Now, it is not only the celebrities or wealthy that opt for cosmetic surgeries. Even the general populace is now aware of procedures like liposuction, implants, and facelifts.
Reconstructing body parts is a vital aspect of plastic surgery. Surgeons perform procedures, depending on the area of specialization.
Mastectomy, contracture surgery (for burn victims), sexual reassignment surgery, rhinoplasty, abdominoplasty, breast augmentation, chemical peel, collagen injections are just some of the varied procedures that a surgeon may have to do in the course of his profession.
These surgeons have to be skilled in handling tools and technology related to surgery. In independent practice, they may be required to manage administrative tasks. Being a perfectionist, with a minute attention to detail helps a lot in this profession.
Plastic surgery is a demanding career. One needs to study and train for years before becoming a professional. Candidates aspiring to enter this field must firstly complete an undergraduate degree in subjects such as biology and chemistry. Further, they have to attend college for a four-year medical degree (either M.D. or D.O) course.
The competition to enter in a medical school is extremely high. Make sure your MCAT scores are good. After medical school training, nearly 5 or 6 years of further training or residency is essential. After this, the surgeons are required to apply for fellowship in one special area. There are several specialties like hand surgery, craniofacial surgery, cutaneous malignancy surgery, aesthetic surgery, and breast reconstruction surgery. Depending on state laws, the surgeons also need to obtain licensing and certification.
This being an extremely lucrative field, plastic surgeons are amongst the highest paid professionals in the healthcare industry. They spend nearly 10 years of their life in studying and getting trained to be able to do the job. They are entitled to earn average salaries that are more than USD 200,000 per year.
Experienced surgeons can easily command mind-boggling salaries to the tunes of USD 300,000 to USD 500,000 per year. Certainly, such high figures are dependent on several factors like work experience, specialization area, and work location.
Since they mostly deal in surgical operations, high levels of concentration and excellent medical skills are essential to make a mark in this field.