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Phlebotomist Job Description

Charlie S
Looking forward to work as Phlebotomist? Read on for details about the job description, the yearly earnings and other basic requirements of this profile.
Phlebotomists are the health care professionals who are in much demand in places such as blood banks and hospitals.The role of a phlebotomist mainly consists of drawing blood samples of patients.
Among the various medical jobs, the job of a phlebotomist stands out because of its scope and competitive requirements. The salaries of these professionals is seeing an upward trend and the growth of the health care industry in general, is the basic reason behind this.

Job Description

Phlebotomists are required to follow the standard rules of drawing blood from patients. They have to make sure that the patients do not suffer from any kind of infection because of this procedure. Before drawing blood with a needle, they look for an accessible vein. Then a tourniquet is placed and an antiseptic is used for precautionary purposes.
Keeping the phlebotomy region clean and ensuring that there is enough stock of the supplies available in it is also a vital duty. While drawing blood of the donor, it is the prime responsibility of the phlebotomist to verify his identity to avoid further complications and legal hassles.
He also explains the entire procedure to the donor and makes him feel fully comfortable during the entire procedure. Maintaining cleanliness of trays in which blood is drawn is also a duty of the phlebotomist. These health care professionals work in close association with doctors and nurses in their work places.
Preparing specimens for further reference and research is also a task done by them.
To become a phlebotomist, you need a graduate or postgraduate degree in medicine or health care. Getting the required certificate and license is essential.
Patience, good communication skills, hard-working nature, excellent interpersonal skills, observation skills, ability to learn new things and presence of mind are the useful qualities to become a successful phlebotomist.


The salary of a phlebotomist generally depends on factors such as years of professional experience, type of employer, place of work, skills and educational qualifications of the candidates. Those working in urban locations with leading hospitals get paid more than those working for small hospitals in rural areas.
In the initial years, the salary is somewhat low as compared to other medical jobs. As a new entrant in this field with not much experience, you could start with around USD 29,400 per year as a salary on an average. With around four to six years of experience, you can easily draw on an average USD 32,600 per year.
Someone with more than ten years of experience can earn on an average USD 34,670. Many phlebotomists are paid on an hourly basis. This is a hospital job which gives you job satisfaction along with a decent and consistent income. So, try your best to become a phlebotomist and secure your future!