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Pharmacy Technician Salary Range

Saptakee Sengupta
Are you looking forward to working as a pharmacy technician, have a look at the information here to get the basic idea about the basic pre-requisites, the salary structure and the job description of this profile.
With ample developments in the pharmaceutical sector, career opportunities have increased greatly. Expansion of the industry and establishment of several pharmaceutical companies have succeeded in meeting the demands of pharmacy students. This field has an immense opportunity for growth and development, and the salary range is decent enough to make progress.

Job Description

A pharmacy technician's job is not restricted to only helping pharmacists to count medications and fill prescriptions. It depends on his experience and infrastructure of the company. He has to deal with patients and maintain complete records of their prescription. He advises patients in health-related issues, and helps them take the correct medicine.
It's mandatory on his part to keep himself upgraded about the latest medicines released in the market. He assists senior pharmacists with work management.

Job Requirements

Educational requirements are associated with a degree in pharmacy. For entry level jobs, knowing basics skills is enough. However, if you have specialized in this field, you can directly join at a better designation. Pharmacy technician certificates require less than a year, and are also available at associate level from pharmacy school.
Industries provide internship programs for students, in order to give them hands on experience in this field. Few companies provide on job training for their employees who have just graduated. The salary depends on your educational background as well.

Salary Range

The salary is dependent on factors such as the type of degree, work experience, and location of industry. A survey conducted in the US shows that the average salary of a pharmacy technician is approximately about USD 35,119 annually. However, candidates who have graduated from reputed pharmacy schools get paid more in comparison to the others.
Reputed hospitals and pharmacy companies always pay a decent salary, and provide better perspective for growth. Pharmacy technicians working in small medical shops and outlets usually draw less salary, which is estimated approximately to be USD 32,700 annually. However, they can switch to better organization if they have 2 or more years of experience.
Salary for freshers without any work experience is estimated to be in the range of USD 19,300 and USD 34,300. If they have work experience of 2 to 3 years, then the annual income for them is in the range of about USD 22,800 and USD 41,500.
A study conducted by the American Medical Association, shows that people who have more than 4 years of experience have an annual income of more than USD 46,800, provided they are working in reputed sectors. Payment rates for overtime is usually fixed on an hourly basis, that lies in the range of USD 15.46 and USD 34.18.
From this data it can be established that the salary follows a progressive pathway and consistent growth pattern. The government is making a constant effort to create more pharmaceutical jobs and improve salary schemes. However, if you are genuinely interested in the field of pharmacy, earn your degree from a reputed school and keep updating your skills.