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Pharmacologist Salary

Rahul Thadani
Doctorate in pharmacology and in-depth research is necessary for a Pharmacologist to be able to carry out research for the best companies.
A pharmacologist determines what drugs and medications are ideal for different medical conditions. This is achieved by carrying out in-depth research and countless tests. They are research scientists, who find the best cures for diseases.
For a job this advanced, an individual needs a plethora of advanced degrees in the medical field. This is not a medical job that just anyone can perform, and the person really needs to have a strong urge to pursue something like this. The demand for pharmacologists is very high, and the job prospects are great, simply because of the elite nature of the job.

Job Description

The primary task of a pharmacologist is to discover new medicines and cures for different diseases. This is done by testing and experimenting on various subjects.
The high importance and risk involved with the job is what provides immense value to these professionals. In addition, they also have to ascertain the effects of drugs and medications on human beings. Professionals who do this are known as clinical pharmacologists. Here are some common tasks performed by them.
  • Determine how a drug is absorbed by the body.
  • Determine how the drug is absorbed, metabolized, and then released by the body.
  • Determine the effects of some drugs by testing them on animals. This is closely related to animal experimentation.
  • Work with highly advanced laboratory equipment, and make use of various chemical processes.
  • Also carry out data entry, report creation, data analysis, equipment maintenance, equipment repair, and research for the purpose of creating helpful medicines.

All these tasks seem simple at first glance, but there are many subtleties and complications involved. This is what leads to a surge in the level of their salary.

Educational Requirements

The minimum requirement for this job is a Bachelor's degree in pharmacology, biology, or physiology. Most employers demand a Master's degree in the same, but this is something that is totally dependent on their needs and preferences. The best candidates, however, are those who have a Doctorate (PhD) in pharmacology.
Along with this, experience with advanced laboratory equipment is necessary, and so is a vast and in-depth knowledge of various chemicals and drugs. What makes their salary so high in addition to these requirements are things like specimen collection skills, writing skills, communication skills, testing skills, surgical skills, and animal handling skills.

Salary Range

Now getting back to the point, their salary may range between US $30,580 and US $112,327 per year. The salary definitely varies according to experience, location, and type of organization. Men constitute around three-fourth of this workforce around the world.
The most popular industries where one can get this job are pharmaceutical research companies, educational colleges or universities, pharmaceutical companies, or pharmacy management systems companies. The three most popular cities for pursuing this career choice are Boston, Chicago, and New York.