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Personal Trainer Salary

Ningthoujam Sandhyarani
Personal trainer salary varies from one professional to another, depending upon the expertise in the field and the geography. The average salary is approximately USD 38,300 per year or higher.
In an age when people are concerned about their health and appearance than ever before, becoming a personal trainer is probably a profession with guaranteed success. A personal trainer gives fitness tips and helps people to perform physical activities in the right manner to maintain fitness and good health.
Hence, job satisfaction is almost assured for a certified trainer. But, what worries most people is the salary, which counts on various aspects. Let's take a look at certification, job description, and average salary in this profession.

Required Certification

If you have a passion for fitness and would like to train people, why not become a personal trainer. In order to become an expert, what you need to do is get certification in the first hand. The certificate is a proof that you are qualified enough to become a physical trainer.
There are both private and government institutions that provide training courses including seminars, workshops, project works, and internship. Each of these organizations has a certain set of prerequisites for admission.
Admission criteria for most of these institutes are: the student should be at least 18 years old, should show adult CPR certificate, and he/she should have at least the high school diploma (or equivalent).
You should be very careful while getting enrolled in a professional organization; check whether the one you have chosen is accredited or not, and also whether the certificate it provides is recognized universally. Last but not the least, inquire about exam location, course fees, and continuing education requirements (if any).

Job Description

Briefly speaking, a personal trainer is a professional who instructs people regarding the appropriate ways to exercise. Majority of the trainers are employed in gyms, health clubs, and local fitness centers.
You can also become a freelance trainer in such settings and hotel leisure centers. In recent times, corporate fitness training has gained huge popularity in which a trainer offers services to employers.
In this profession, you are responsible for maintaining the fitness levels of the clients and guide them to achieve their goals. For example, muscle building may be the first priority for some clients, while others just want to lose weight.
Whatever be the objective, one should educate the clients regarding the benefits of a planned diet, cardio training, weight training, and strength training.


There is no fixed income. It depends on your experience, certifications, specialization and your location. If you work with a gym, they will employ you with a fixed payment or you will get paid according to the number of fitness sessions you offered. In some cases, you may directly charge the client and give a percentage of the fees to the respective gym.
In general, one gets paid per session or on an hourly basis. On an average, the annual income is around USD 38,300. It is quite likely that an experienced person can make as much as USD 169,300 annually. Thus, the average salary varies with respect to the work profile and expertise in the particular field.
As mentioned earlier, it also differs widely with respect to the geography. For e.g., hourly rates in New York city are the highest of around USD 31.02. In Houston one can earn about USD 17.02 whereas in Los Angeles one can make approximately USD 31.86. The same for Dallas, Texas is around USD 18.21 and for Phoenix, Arizona about USD 15.00.
It also differs according to the organization. Annual earnings in a fitness club are around USD 41,480 and in government services around USD 34,640. In civic and social organizations, one can make USD 32,390 and in the University around USD 38,010 per annum.
Being a personal trainer is such a rewarding occupation, wherein you get the innumerable benefits of exercise while training others. The opportunities in this profession are endless.
With experience, you can team up with your trainer friends, start a fitness center of your own, and earn a hefty income more than the average salary range. Every occupation necessitates knowledge, time, and patience to earn a high income, and the same points apply to this profession as well.