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Job Description of a Personal Trainer

Mayuri Kulkarni
A personal trainer helps boost your health and fitness levels. Read more to know the job description of a personal trainer.


As per reliable statistics, the maximum annual salary of a personal trainer may extend up to $93,127 ! In fact, the BLS has predicted a growth of about 10% till 2026; which is much faster than any other job profile.
A personal trainer is a health and fitness professional who guides client to achieve his/her personal fitness goals. He can work at health and fitness clubs, gymnasiums, spas, etc. Some trainers also prefer opening their own training centers.
Due to the growing awareness of health and fitness, a personal trainer has a wide array of responsibilities and duties to perform. Elaborated here are the duties and responsibilities of a personal trainer.

Job Description

  • A personal trainer gives one to one guidance or fitness instructions to the client and help him/her to attain the set fitness goals.
  • The first thing a personal trainer does is analyze and test clients' physical condition. He also checks their medical records and history.
  • As per the clients' requirements and physical condition, he designs a personal workout program.
  • The trainer has to ensure that the client follows the program sincerely.
  • He has to monitor his progress and record and analyze changes accordingly.
  • He has to make sure that he chooses the right kind of exercise and diet program for his client. One wrong move may cost both of them a lot.
  • He has to perform and demonstrate accurately, the exercises that he has selected for his clients.
  • He also has to observe how the client performs the same moves, and in case of errors, he needs to rectify the movements immediately.
  • While teaching the exercises, it is his duty to explain their significance.
  • One of the most important duties of the trainer is to motivate his client and encourage him to take adequate care of his fitness levels. If the person is discouraged right from the beginning, no exercise will help overcome his poor fitness levels.
  • He takes care of the new and old exercise equipments.
  • Depending on where the trainer works, he ensures that all the equipments are in working condition.
  • He orders new equipment when necessary.
  • Sometimes, personal trainers with credentials and certifications are hired as physical therapists. If so, the trainer has to be more cautious about his role.
  • He will need to study in detail, the medical history of the patient. Accordingly, he has to design an efficient rehabilitation program.
  • In such cases, it is vital that the trainer completely motivates the client to get back on his feet. He has to make sure that the exercises and other movements do not cause any further physical injury to the client.
  • Sometimes, personal trainers may draw up diet regimes and nutrition programs as well. It is preferable to have a certification in nutrition though, in this case.

Requirements and Salary

  • To become a personal trainer, you may enroll in a diploma or certification program for health and fitness and nutrition.
  • You will study all about the human anatomy, physical strengths, and nutrition facts. You will also be imparted training about various exercises and the methods of performing the same.
  • It is always a good move to undergo a CPR certification.
  • You will need to undergo fitness tests; therefore, you need to be in good shape yourself.
  • Some work experience is required before you go in for a high-profile job.
  • The salary of personal trainers varies according to different factors, but in general, they are very well-paid; they earn between USD 21,000 to USD 93,000 and more.

Work Environment

  • Irrespective of the workplace, the job is stressful and demanding.
  • Not being a desk job, it requires you to be on your toes all day.
  • You will be teaching your clients about exercises and fitness postures; your hands and feet and body will be exposed to movements all day.
  • As per the BLS, the job outlook for this profession is fair enough, possibly due to the fact that people are getting more health-conscious.
The profession of a personal trainer has great prospects. However, bear in mind that this is not a 9 to 5 job; you will need tremendous mental strength along with physical agility, for this field. If you love your work, you will undoubtedly be a great success; in fact, who knows, you might be the personal trainer of a very famous celebrity!! Good luck!!